Menu Requirements

Set up menu requirement templates to define if a menu screen can be opened.

Menu Requirements #

Menu requirements are used by menu screens and other things calling menu screens to check if the menu can be opened. They are set up in Templates > Menu Requirements.

E.g. only have an inventory menu available when there are items in the inventory.

Base Settings #

Set up game state and variable conditions that have to be valid.

E.g. add a game state condition checking for an In Control game state to be Active to have the requirement only be valid while the player can be controlled.

Group Requirements #

Defined combatant or group conditions must be valid.

You can check the size of the group or battle group, e.g. to only have a Group menu screen available when more than 1 combatant is in the group.

Group Member Status Conditions #

All battle group or group members must match defined status conditions.

Combatant Requirement #

Define specific combatants that must be in the active player group and match optional status conditions.

General Requirements #

Define other requirements that must be met.

E.g. if the player’s inventory contains any items or equipment, if the player knows any logs or has any quests, etc.

Additionally, you can require specific items, equipment, currencies, etc. to be in the inventory.