Attack/Defence Modifiers

Attack and defence modifiers can be used to modify status value changes.

Each attack/defence modifier has at least one attribute – e.g. an attack modifier Element could have the attributes FireWaterWind and Earth.

A combatant holds the values of all attributes of all attack/defence modifiers – the default start value is 100. The attribute values of a combatant can be influenced by status bonuses, of e.g. equipment or status effects.

Status value changes of abilities, items or status effects can optionally define if and which modifiers are used.

Calculation #

Modifiers are percent-based, i.e. an individual attribute’s value is used to calculate the percent of how much of a status change’s value (based on the original calculated outcome) will be used. Negative attribute values will result in the status value change to be switched into the opposite direction, i.e. a negative change into a positive change, a positive change into a negative change. So, a damage will turn into a heal, a heal into damage.

Examples #

  • 100 % means normal damage
  • 200 % means double damage
  • 50 % means half damage
  • 0 % means no damage
  • -50 % means the target is healed by half of the damage
  • -100 % means the target is healed by the whole damage

The calculation is done for each attack and defence modifier individually.

Attack Modifiers #

Attack modifiers optionally assign an attribute to an attack (ability, item, status effect) and use the target’s attribute value for the calculation. The used attribute can optionally also come from a status effect, e.g. a fire enchantment giving the base attack a Fire element.

Example #

A magic attack (ability) uses the attack modifier Element and has the Fire attribute assigned.

  • The ability will do a damage of 500 to health.
  • The target’s Fire attribute value is 75.
  • The ability will do 375 damage (500 * 75 / 100).

Defence Modifiers #

Combatants define the defence modifier’s attribute they’re using. The attribute can be overridden by equipment and status effects. Optionally, the defence modifiers can be ignored by the status value changes of abilities, items and status effects.

When calculating, the target defines it’s defence modifier attributes, but the value used for the calculation comes from the user of the ability/item/effect.

Example #

The target’s defence modifier Race is set to the Insect attribute.

  • The user wears a special piece of equipment, which gives a bonus of 50 on Insect. The user’s total value is 150.
  • The user attacks the target and will do a damage of 200 to health.
  • The attack will do 300 damage (200 * 150 / 100).