Move AI

The move AI decides where a combatant will move to.

Access Handler

The Access Handler is used to funnel some of ORK’s functionality through overridable functions.

Status Development

Status development is used to define how status values change over different levels.

GUI Layouts

GUI layouts can be used to arrange multiple GUI boxes.

Asset Sources

ORK can use assets from different sources, e.g. direct references or asset bundles.

Action Combos

Action combos can be used to replace actions in a sequence of actions.

Prefab View Portraits

The prefab view feature allows you to use actual prefabs as portraits.

AI Behaviours & AI Rulesets

AI behaviours and AI rulesets can be equipped by combatants to change their battle AI.

Research System

The Research System can be used to learn new abilities, give status value bonuses or create items and equipment.

2D Games

ORK Framework can also be used to create 2D games – learn what you need to consider when creating a 2D RPG.