Learn using ORK Framework and bring your role playing game idea to life.


There are 3 different kinds of tutorials available: how-tos, game tutorials and gameplay tutorials.

New tutorials will be added on a regular basis, so come by more often!

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Using Tutorials

Tutorials will often contain additional information by giving an example or defining a specific setting (e.g. enabling an option). This will be highlighted by a surrounding box.

Examples will be displayed in a green box:

This is an example.

Tips will be displayed in a yellow box:

This is a tip.

Specific settings that should be changed or defined will be displayed in a grey box:

  • Setting Name
    Set the setting to this value.



These tutorials cover specific features, settings or ways of doing things in ORK Framework.

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Game Tutorials


Learn how to create a complete (small) game with ORK Framework from start to finish.

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Gameplay Tutorials


These tutorials focus on different gameplay mechanics you might want to use in your game.

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