Shortcut Slot System

The Shortcut Slot System is used to assign actions like abilities or items to slots, allowing a wide variety of gameplay mechanics.

Creating a combatant via script

Creating and initializing a combatant in your custom scripts is easy, once you know how.

Custom Save Data

ORK Framework allows you to add custom save data to ORK’s save game system.

Using the new UI

Learn how to use the new Unity® UI with ORK Framework.

Quest System

The Quest System allows creating complex quests with multiple tasks, rewards and automatic progress.

Crafting System

The crafting system allows combining different ingredients to create new things.

Scripting – where is what?

A brief overview on where you can find what you’re looking for when accessing ORK Framework’s data.

API Documentation

See the API documentation of ORK Framework.

Accessing a game object’s combatant

You can access the combatant of a game object through the CombatantComponent component.

Custom player/camera controls

You can use any control you like with ORK Framework – you just need to let ORK know.