ORK 3.16.3 is here with 19 new features, changes and fixes (and more in the also included Makinom 2.15.2)!

This update adds new UI features, new schematic nodes and other new features, changes and fixes. Check out the ORK 3.16.0 release notes for the latest major update features.

Download the latest version of ORK Framework here.

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  • UI Box Selections: ‘UI Layout’ settings available for most ‘UI Box’ selection settings. Optionally use a UI layout for the displayed UI box. E.g. available in menu screens or shops.
  • Item Selections: Item Type: Using ‘Limit Level’ for equipment is now supported when item selections are used by item creations (e.g. in loot tables or item collectors).
  • Crafting Recipes: Layout: ‘HUD Type’ settings available. Crafting recipe layouts can now use HUD content for more advanced content display.
  • Status Values: Flying Texts: ‘Show With Traits’ setting available. Optionally show the flying text defined in the status value in addition to an attack modifier’s flying text (strenght, weakness or recovery).
  • Menu Screens: Equipment: Sub Menu: ‘Use In Slot Box’ and ‘Use In Equipment Box’ settings available. The sub menu can now be used in the equipment slot box and using it in the equipment box is now optional. Previous behavoiur is set up as default (i.e. not used in slot box, used in equipment box).
  • Schematics: Change Ability Reuse: ‘Change Ability Reuse’ node available in ‘Combatant > Ability’ nodes. Changes the running reuse time/turns of a combatant’s abilities matching defined block scope or abilities stored in selected data.
  • Schematics: Change Item Reuse: ‘Change Item Reuse’ node available in ‘Inventory > Inventory’ nodes. Changes the running reuse time/turns of a combatant’s items matching defined block scope or items stored in selected data.
  • Schematics: Set Move AI Waypoints: ‘Use Positions’ setting available. Optionally use Vector3 position values instead of game objects do define waypoints.
  • Scripting: Combatant Spawner: ‘Spawned’ property available. This gives script access to the ‘SpawnerData’ array, containing references to the spawned groups (and their combatants).
  • Unity UI: ORK HUD Status Text Content Component, ORK HUD Value Bar Content Component: Reuse Time: ‘Always Display’ setting available. Optionally always display reuse time, even if it’s currently not running.
  • Unity UI: UI Research Tree (Single), UI Research Tree (Multi): ‘HUD Content Provider’ setting available in ‘Tree Creator’ settings. Optionally use a child object with a ‘HUD Content Provider’ component to display content information of a research tree.


  • Item Selections: Item Type: Not using ‘Limit Level’ for equipment now uses a random level between 1 and the maximum level of the equipment.
  • Ability Type Limits, Item Type Limits: The optional type limit settings now also take secondary types into account. This is e.g. used by status effects (end on ability/item) or status change blocks.


  • Abilities, Items: Reuse: Fixed an issue where ‘Custom’ block scope wasn’t working correctly.
  • Quest Tasks: Notifications: Fixed an issue where notifications where still displayed when the required count was already reached. Now only allowing overcount will show the notification.
  • Phase Battle System: Player Combatant Selection: Fixed an issue where an error could occur when no selectable combatants are available and a combatant is clicked.
  • HUD Conditions: Fixed an issue where ‘Reuse’ condition type could cause an error when used in tooltips.
  • Group Changes: Fixed an issue where an error occured when changing the player combatant (e.g. using the group menu).
  • Schematics: Select Grid Cells: Fixed an issue where using ‘Store Combatants’ didn’t work unless a combatant was on the origin object/cell or a separate user was defined.