ORK 3.16.2 is here with 18 new features, changes and fixes (and more in the also included Makinom 2.15.1)!

This is just a small update with a few features and important fixes – see all major new features in the ORK 3.16.0 release notes.

Download the latest version of ORK Framework here.

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  • Player Controls: Mouse: ‘Remove Set Move AI’ setting available. Optionally set the last clicked target position as the combatant’s move AI waypoint when the control component is removed (e.g. when changing player after clicking to move somewhere).
  • Status Conditions: Status Effect Any: ‘Status Effect Any’ status condition check type available. Checks if any status effect is applied. Optionally checks the number of applied effects.
  • Unity UI: ORK HUD Status Text Content Component: Status Value: New text code available. Use ‘<valuebonus>’ to display the bonuses added to the base value (i.e. current value – base value). When preview values are displayed, it shows the difference between preview and ase value (i.e. preview value – base value).


  • Schematics: Spawn ORK Player: ‘Rotation’ and ‘Scale’ settings when spawning at ‘Position’ now use Vector 3 value selections. Previous data will be updated automatically.


  • Abilities, Items: Status Changes: Fixed an issue where modifier changes where only used for negative changes, not positive changes.
  • Status Values: Flying Texts: Fixed an issue where using ‘Attribute Content’ didn’t work without also using ‘Source Content’.
  • Status Developments: Fixed an issue where using a ‘Formula’ development type for ‘Experience’ type status values that have ‘From Minimum’ enabled didn’t result in the correct value.
  • Menu Screens: Research (List View), Research (Tree View): Fixed an issue where using ‘Sequence’ display mode could lead to UI boxes closing immediately after opening or when the menu was refreshed (e.g. due to external change).
  • Active Time Battles: Fixed an issue where ‘Use All Actions’ was still used when ‘Use Multi Choice’ was disabled.
  • Active Time Battles, Turn Based Battles: Battle Menu Call: Fixed an issue where not using ‘Auto Call Menu’ and using ‘Cancel Closes’ (without a custom cancel key) didn’t close a called battle menu on cancel.
  • Target Selection Templates: Fixed an issue where the default templates created for a new project didn’t initialize some data for ‘None’ target range setups.
  • Battle AIs: In Grid Action Range: Fixed an issue where checking the targets overruled a positive result from checking found targets.
  • Damage Dealers: Fixed an issue where ‘Set Combatant’ (when using an ‘Always On’ damage dealer) didn’t allow setting a combatant.
  • Battle Grid Settings: Examine Grid: Combatant Info Box: Fixed an issue where using ‘Auto Show’ while having the (now hidden) ‘Use Call Key’ setting enabled didn’t show the combatant information.
  • Battle Grid Settings: Examine Grid: Fixed an issue where using ‘Target Selection Examine’ settings didn’t close the examine infos when canceling out of the target selection.
  • Battle Grid Highlights: Fixed an issue where using ‘Hide Unused Prefabs’ and hiding the grid after battle (instead of destroying it) could lead to highlights not being displayed when fighting on the same grid again.
  • Schematics: Spawn ORK Player: Fixed an issue where spawning at ‘Position’ didn’t allow setting the rotation.
  • Schematics: Use Battle Action: Fixed an issue where using actions for multiple combatants with a wait time between actions could lead to a stack overflow error when the wait time is 0.