You can access the combatant of a game object through the CombatantComponent component.

Every combatant in your scene will automatically have a CombatantComponent component attached. The CombatantComponent holds a reference to the actual combatant the game object belongs to. The Combatant allows access to all of the combatant’s values (status, equipment, abilities, etc.) and settings.

See the following example on how to access the combatant. The gameObject is the actual game object you’re accessing to get the combatant.

CombatantComponent combatantComponent = gameObject.GetComponent<CombatantComponent>();
if(combatantComponent != null)
	Combatant combatant = combatantComponent.combatant;

Or, a shorter version using the ComponentHelper class (can return null if no combatant is found):

Combatant combatant = ComponentHelper.GetCombatant(gameObject);

To use this code in your custom scripts, you need to add the correct namespaces used by ORK Framework.

using ORKFramework;
using ORKFramework.Behaviours;