Shops and Shop Layouts

Adding shops to your game will allow the player to buy and sell items and equipment.


Logs are used to let the player access information in the game.

Setting up project references

To compile the source code into the ORKFramework.dll used by your Unity project, you need to set up the references in MonoDevelop.

Update from beta version

Please follow this update guide when updating from the beta version to ORK Framework 2.0.0 (official release).

Quick game testing

Tired of always going through the main menu scene to test your game? You can use the Game Starter to quickly test your game in the scene you’re currently working.

Doing Damage

The result of every action in a battle has to be calculated, and there are two ways to achieve this.

Camera Positions

Camera positions are predefined and reusable settings to place a camera.


Animating your combatants is done by creating Animation Types and binding animations to them.


Factions determine if combatants are allies or enemies.

Battle AI

The battle AI will decide the battle actions of any combatant who’s not part of the player group (or an AI controlled member of the player group).