Please follow this update guide when updating from the beta version to ORK Framework 2.0.0 (official release).

Due to changes in the framework’s structure, all event assets and the ORK project assets will lose their script assignment. But don’t worry, by following these three steps your project wont get corrupted.

Don’t import the new version just yet – wait for the right step. And don’t open the ORK Framework editor at any point during this update!



Step 1

Backup your Unity project.

Simply copy the whole folder.

Do it!



Step 2

Create a new scene using the Unity® menu: File > New Scene

Updating your project with an empty scene opened will ensure that no scene object (like an item collector) will interfere while updating your script references.

Now it’s time to import ORK Framework 2.0.0. Your event assets (game events, battle events, etc.) and ORK project assets will now lose their script assignments.



Step 3

Reassign the scripts in the following order:

  • Move Events
    Reassign all move events to use ORKMoveEvent.
  • Battle Start Events
    Reassign all battle start events to use ORKBattleStartEvent.
  • Battle End Events
    Reassign all battle end events to use ORKBattleEndEvent.
  • Phase Change Events
    Reassign all phase change events to use ORKPhaseChangeEvent.
  • Battle Events
    Reassign all battle events to use ORKBattleEvent.
  • Game Events
    Reassign all game events to use ORKGameEvent.

Finally, you can reassign the ORK project assets:

  • ORK Project
    Reassign all ORK project assets to ORKProjectAsset.

You’ll find your ORK project asset in Assets/ORK Framework/ – additionally you’ll find the backup project assets in Assets/_ORK_Project_Backups/.


And that’s it – your project is now updated and you can open the ORK Framework editor again.