Logs are used to let the player access information in the game.

They can be used for a lot of things, like allowing the player to read books he found, view information on defeated enemies or visited locations, or to display the progress of a quest.

Logs can be separated into different log types, and each log consists of multiple log texts. Similar to crafting recipes or abilities, the player has to learn a log text to get access to the information. You can use the event system to learn log texts (or whole logs).

Log Types

Log types are used to separate the different logs. This way you can have different kinds of information separated from each other, like having a separate quest log and enemy information.

Log types are created in World > Log Types.


Logs are simply a collection of log texts. When displaying a log, all the learned log texts will be displayed in order of their ID (i.e. index in the log text list).

Logs are created in World > Logs.

Log Texts

Log texts contain the actual information. A log text can override the title of the log and replace all previous log texts. This way, you can remove outdated information, like hiding already solved parts of a quest.

When a log is displayed, the log types will be added without any kind of separation between them. So, if you need an empty space or a new line for a log text, be sure to add them to the log texts.

Log texts are created in World > Log Texts

Learning logs

Log texts and logs can be learned and forgotten using the event system. The log steps can be accessed through Add > Game > Log.

Learn Log Text Step

This step will let the player group learn a log text, or optionally a complete log (i.e. all log texts of a log).

Forget Log Text Step

This step will let the player group forget a log text, or optionally a complete log.

Knows Log Text Step

This step will check if the player group knows (i.e. had already learned) a log text, or optionally a complete log.

Displaying logs

You can display the logs known to the player group in a menu screen.

The Log menu part, like other parts involving types (e.g. abilities, inventory), allow separating the logs by log types. You can either display all types, or select the log types that should be displayed. Also, you don’t have to show the type selection at all and simply display the list of logs (of a single log type, or a combination of multiple log types).

Menu screens can be created in Menus > Menu Screens.