A class is the basic foundation of every combatant.


Another crucial part of most games – stuff to wear. ORK Framework gives you total control over your equipment system!


Any game needs items – it would be quite boring without something to find, collect and use …


Attacks, skills, magic … a crucial part of a role-playing game – in ORK Framework all of this is packed in abilities.


In an RPG (or any other type of game), there need to be some calculations done using the status of the player or other combatants – in ORK Framework you create your calculations using formulas.

Node Editor

ORK Framework uses a node editor to allow you to create certain parts of your game logic.

Attack and Defence Attributes

Attributes are used to influence the impact of an ability or item on a target’s status values.

Input Keys

ORK Framework uses a virtual control layer between Unity® and ORK.

Game Variables

Game variables are used to store information in a running game.

Text Codes

You can add information (like the name of an item or the current game time) to your texts using Text Codes.