Loot defines level-based loot tables of items, equipment and other content.

Loot #

Loot defines a set of loot tables, filled with inventory content that can be gained by them. Loot is set up in Combatants > Loot.

Loot Tables #

Loot tables are defind for a level range – either the first found or all matching loot tables will be used.

A loot setup defines two loot tables: Table 1 for level 1-10, table 2 for level 11-20.

The player kills a level 10 enemy, table 1 is used.

The player kills a level 11 enemy, table 2 is used.

Level Range #

The level range defines the minimum and maximum level a loot table will be used at.

The level is checked against the combatant using the loot table – which combatant that is depends on where it’s used.

E.g. used for a combatant’s loot (i.e. the battle gains the player will get) it’ll use the killed combatant’s level. When used in other parts, e.g. Item Collector components it usually uses the player’s level.

Conditions #

A loot table being available can depend on defined conditions.

E.g. checking the combatant’s status, variables or game states.

Set After Drop #

Optionally change variables when a loot table was used.

E.g. use this to have a special loot drop only appear once by changing a variable that’s also used as a condition.

Loot #

Add the content the loot table will contain. Loot tables can drop:

  • currencies
  • items
  • equipment
  • crafting recipes
  • AI behaviours
  • AI rulesets

Individual items can use a chance check to determine if they’re dropped or not.

The loot table can also either drop all of the defined items or a random one of the items. If using a random drop, if the item’s chance fails, nothing will be dropped.

Using Loot #

Loot can be used for more than just item drops from enemies.

Item Collectors #

Item Collector components used as item boxes can optionally use loot to fill the box.

This’ll use the player’s level for the level range checks.

Combatants #

Combatants can use loot to fill their start inventory and define their battle drops when they’re killed by the player.

This’ll use the combatant itself for the level range checks.

Schematics #

Schematics can use loot for different purposes, e.g. adding additional battle gains (Add Loot node), adding new content to a stored shop (Add To Shop node) or storing loot in selected data (Select Loot node).

Shops #

Shops can use loot to define their stock.