Battle Camera

The battle camera can automatically focus on the current action of a battle.

Battle Camera #

The battle camera is an optional feature to change the camera during battles. It’s set up in Battles > Battle Camera.

Depending on the battle camera’s setup, the regular camera control (refered to as camera control for the rest of the document) has to either be enabled (camera control target changes) or disabled/blocked (other changes).

Setup #

The battle camera has 3 different control types available:

  • None
    The battle camera isn’t used.
  • Block Schematics
    Camera changes by schematics are blocked, performs rotations and look at actions.
    Allows rotating the camera around the battle (battle arena or center of all combatants).
    Rotation is only possible if the camera control is blocked during battle.
  • Allow Schematics
    Camera changes by schematics are allowed, performs look at actions (except ‘Simple Look’).

The rest of the battle camera’s settings are only available when not using the None type.

Toggle Key #

Optionally use a toggle key to enable or disable the battle camera.

The toggle state can also be changed via schematics using a Toggle Battle Camera node.

Camera Control Target #

Optionally change the target of the camera control to the battle arena and action selecting player combatants.

Camera control target changes can only be used if the camera control isn’t blocked and the used camera control is either one of ORK’s built-in camera controls or derived from the BaseCameraControl class.

Look At #

The battle camera automatically looks at different combatants based on the battle’s current state.

The following look at setups are available:

  • Look At Latest Damage
    The camera can look at the last combatant that was target of an action’s calculation.
    Beside receiving damage, this also includes missed attacks, death actions, etc.
  • Look At Latest User
    The camera can look at the combatant who performs the current action (i.e. the last action that has been started).
  • Look At Selecting User
    The camera can look at the combatant that currently selects an action.
    This works like Look At Menu User, but isn’t limited to player controlled combatants.
  • Look At Menu User
    The camera can look at the combatant with the battle menu opened (i.e. only player controlled combatants).
    When the battle menu isn’t opened automatically, the camera will still look at the combatant that starts selecting actions.
  • Look At Selection
    The camera can look at the currently selected combatant (during target selection).

Looking at a combatant can be chance based (i.e. doesn’t look at the combatant if the chance failes) and only look at it for a defined amount of time.

Look At Types #

The look at type defines how the camera will look at a combatant. Depending on the used type, the camera control has to be enabled or blocked.

There are also separate look at types available.

  • Simple Look
    The camera will simply look at the target.
    Requires the camera control to be blocked.
  • Camera Position
    A camera position will be used.
    Requires the camera control to be blocked.
  • Camera Control Target
    Changes the camera control target.
    Requires the camera control to be enabled.
  • Schematic
    Uses a schematic.

Check Distance #

Looking at a combatant can optionally be limited by a minimum and maximum distance.

The distance can be measured from different origins to the target:

  • User
    The user of the action that caused the camera change (can be the same as the target in some cases).
  • Camera Control Target
    From the current camera control target.
  • Player
    From the player.
  • Arena
    From the battle arena.

The player is used if camera control target or arena are not available.

Check Viewport #

Check the position of the new camera target in viewport space of the camera.

The camera change will be used if the position is outside of the defined horizontal or vertical viewport values (from the center).

This can be used to prevent camera changes between targets that are near each other on the screen.

Block Actions #

Prevents defined actions for looking at a combatant.

This is only available for Look At Latest Damage and Look At Latest User.

E.g. don’t look at the user of base attacks or the latest damage from a defined ability or ability type.