Combatants Section

The Combatants section contains settings related to combatants, e.g. factions, combatant groups, research trees, etc.

Factions #

The Factions sub-section defines the factions that are available.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to define faction sympathies, which determine if a faction is an ally or enemy of another faction.

Factions are used to know who’s an ally or an enemy.

Learn more about factions in this documentation.

Faction Benefits #

The Faction Benefits sub-section defines the faction benefits that are available.

Faction benefits can be used to impact how factions interact with each other based on their sympathy for each other.

Learn more about faction benefits in this documentation.

Classes #

The Classes sub-section defines the classes that are available.

Classes are used by combatants to influence their abilities and status.

Learn more about classes in this documentation.

Combatant Types #

The Combatant Types sub-section defines the combatant types that are available.

Combatant types are used to separate combatants.

Learn more about combatant types in this documentation.

Combatants #

The Combatants sub-section defines the combatants that are available.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to define default settings used by all combatants (which each combatant can override with custom settings).

Combatants are the basis of ORK’s status system and needed to take part in battles. A combatant combines status values, abilities, equipment, inventory, etc. – the player is a combatant, and so are enemies.

Learn more about combatants in this documentation.

Combatant Groups #

The Combatant Groups sub-section defines the combatant groups that are available.

Combatant groups are used to create groups of combatants (i.e. group templates) that can be used by battles.

Learn more about combatant groups in this documentation.

Move AIs #

The Move AIs sub-section defines the move AIs that are available.

Move AIs are used by combatants to detect enemies and determine movement target positions.

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Formations #

The Formations sub-section defines the formations that are available.

Formations are used to define positions of combatants around their group leader.

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Loot #

The Loot sub-section defines the loot that is available.

Loot is used to create loot tables for combatants and can also be used by shops and Item Collector components. Loot tables can create/add items, equipment and other things based on a combatant’s level, chance and other conditions.

Learn more about loot in this documentation.

Research Types #

The Research Types sub-section defines the research types that are available.

Research types are used to separate research trees.

Learn more about research types in this documentation.

Research Trees #

The Research Trees sub-section defines the research trees that are available.

Research trees are used by combatants to learn new abilities, change status values, get new quests and many other things.

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