Factions determine if combatants are allies or enemies.

This isn’t limited to the relationship between the player group and other combatants, this also applies to the relationship between different non-player combatants. How factions stand to each other is based on their sympathy toward another faction.

Allied combatants wont fight each other – and only because factions are enemies of the player doesn’t mean they’re allies. In battles you can have different factions fight each other, where each has it’s own enemies and allies. Learn more about combatants in this documentation.

A new ORK project already has PlayerEnemies and Allies factions set up.

General Settings #

The general settings define some basic settings for all factions.

The general settings are found in  Combatants > Factions > General Settings.

Sympathy Settings #

Sympathy determines if a faction is friendly (ally) or an enemy of another faction. A negative sympathy value means the factions are enemies – 0 or above makes them allies.

Additionally, sympathy values determine faction benefits between factions and can e.g. be used to check for conditions in schematics. The sympathy value between factions can be changed automatically (e.g. killing a combatant of a faction, taking an item of a faction) or via schematics.

The sympathy settings define the minimum and maximum sympathy factions can reach.

Faction Sympathies #

Faction sympathies define the starting sympathies between different factions when a new game is started. You can add different faction pairings with a sympathy start value.

If no faction sympathy is defined, the starting sympathy between them is 0.

A new ORK project will make the Player and Enemy factions enemies (-1000), the Player and Allies factions allies (1000) and the Enemies and Allies factions enemies (-100).

Factions #

Each combatant is part of a group, and each group is part of a faction – this defines who’s an enemy or ally of a combatant.

Factions are set up in Combatants > Factions.

The player’s starting faction is defined in Game > Game Settings > ORK Game Settings > Player/Group Settings.

Sympathy Changes #

Interactions between factions can automatically change the sympathy between them.

  • Kill Member
    Changes the sympathy when a combatant of a faction kills a combatant of another faction.
    E.g. the player killing allied combatants can lead to the faction becoming an enemy of the player.
  • Take Item
    Changes the sympathy when taking an item from a faction (e.g. if an Item Collector is owned by a faction).
    E.g. keep taking items from an allied faction’s house and they might attack you.
  • Take Currency
    Changes the sympathy when taking a currency from a faction (e.g. if an Item Collector is owned by a faction).

The sympathy between factions can also be changed using schematics via the Change Faction Sympathy node.

Sympathy Benefits #

The player can have different benefits depending on the faction’s sympathy toward the player faction.

See below for more details on faction benefits.

Phase Change Schematics #

Phase type battles use phase start and phase end schematics to animate changing phases. In phase battles, all combatants of a faction select and perform their actions in their faction’s phase – the phase start/end schematics can be used to do something at the start and end of the faction’s phase, e.g. show who’s faction it is, make a camera change, etc.

Learn more about phase battles in this documentation.

Faction Texts #

Faction texts can be used in different texts to add faction based information or text formats.

You can use the faction texts in other text definitions (e.g. Combatant HUDs) using the <factiontextX> text codes (X being repaced by the index of the faction text).

E.g. <factiontext0> = faction text 0, <factiontext1> = faction text 1, etc.

If the faction text codes are available is noted above the texts in their custom text code definitions in the editor.

Faction Benefits #

Faction benefits can be used to impact how factions interact with each other based on their sympathy for each other.

Faction benefits are set up in Combatants > Faction Benefits.

Benefits #

A faction benefit defines it’s sympathy range in which the benefit is available (when added to a faction).

Faction benefits can impact the buy and sell prices the player has at shops that belong to a faction.