Battle Spots

Battle spots define the default battle positions for player, ally and enemy combatants.

Battle Spots #

Battle spots are used in arena battles (i.e. every battle using a Battle component, which means all except Real Time Area Battles) and define the positions combatants will be placed relative to the battle arena’s position. They are set up in Battles > Battle Spots.

Base Settings #

Define some basic settings for all battle spots, e.g. using the rotation and scale of a battle spot for the combatant placed on it.

Raycast Settings #

Battle spots can use raycasting to place them directly on the ground (hit by the raycast).

Make sure your layer mask and layer setup in Unity is correct, e.g. only using a Ground layer.

Spots #

Battle spots are set up for the player, allies and enemies.

Player Spots #

Define the battle spots for members of the player group.

Member #

Add battle spots for the individual members. E.g. Member 0 will be for the first battle group member, Member 1 for the 2nd, etc.

The battle spot defines the position in local space of the battle arena, optionally adding a random offset.

You can optionally also define a rotation and scale for the battle spot.

Additionally, you can optionally define separate battle spots for player and enemy advantage (see the battle system documentation).

Additional Spot #

If the group has more members than defined battle spots, the additional spot setup is used to create additional spots.

The setup is the same as for member spots – using a random offset is a good way to create randomized spots for this.

Ally Spots #

Define battle spots for allies of the player, who are not part of the player group (e.g. allied factions).

The setup is the same as for player spots.

Enemy Spots #

Define battle spots for enemies of the player.

The setup is the same as for player spots.

Using Battle Spots #

Battle spots are used in arena battles, i.e. using the Battle component, either via direct setup or e.g. when used by auto start battles when running into a combatant.

Combatant Groups #

Combatant groups can optionally define custom battle spots for their members.

You can learn more about combatant groups in this documentation.

Formations #

If a group is in a formation, only the leader of the group will be placed at the regular battle spot.

The other member’s battle spots will be placed based on their formation positions around the group leader.

Learn more about formations in this documentation.

Battle Components #

Battle components can optionally use the (spawned) combatant’s current positions as battle spots.

You can also use game objects in the scene to place custom battle spots for player, ally and enemy combatants.

Learn more about setting up battles in this documentation.