Quantity Selections

Quantity selections are used to select quantities of items, equipment, etc. when trading in shops, dropping items and more.

Quantity Selections #

Quantity selections define how the player can input the quantity in different parts of ORK. They’re set up in UI  > Quantity Selections.

General Settings #

The general settings define the default quantity selections for different interactions:

  • Remove Selection
    Used when removing items from the inventory.
  • Drop Selection
    Used when dropping items from the inventory into the world.
  • Give Selection
    Used when giving items to another combatant, inventory or item box.
  • Buy Selection
    Used when buying items from a shop.
  • Sell Quantity
    Used when selling items to a shop.

You can define a minimum quantity an item must have to use the default quantity selections. If the quantity is below, only 1 will be used.

Base Settings #

The base settings of a quantity selection define the UI box that’ll be used.

Content Settings #

Define the optional title and message content of the quantity selection. You can use text codes to add content information about what’s being selected (e.g. <name> to add the name of the item that’s purchased), the price or how many of the item are in the player’s inventory.

This’ll be shown in addition to the quantity input (integer value input).

You can also define if the ok/cancel buttons of the UI box are displayed.

Quantity Changes #

Define how quantity can be changed. Changing quantity uses integer value inputs.

You can use horizontal and vertical quantity changes (e.g. via input keys) and define the content of the input, e.g. name, and add additional content (e.g. for placing the quantity values).

Using Quantity Selections #

Quantity selection definitions offer different options instead of just defining the quantity selection:

  • Default
    The default quantity selection setting is used.
  • One
    1 item.
  • All
    All available items.
  • Select
    Select the quantity using a defined quantity selection.

New setups use the Default selection.

Quantity selections are used in many parts of ORK.

Menu Screens #

Menu screen parts handling inventory, equipment or crafting define how quantities are selected.

Shop Layouts #

Shop layouts define how quantities are selected in shops using them.

Item Box #

The item box dialogue set up in Inventory > Inventory Settings defines how quantities are selected in item boxes (when not using an Inventory Exchange menu screen).