Inventory Section

The Inventory section contains settings related to the inventory system, e.g. item types, items, equipment, etc.

Inventory Settings #

The Inventory Settings sub-section defines general inventory related settings.

Set up how the inventory will be handled, default inventory notifications and more. You can also set up how item collection/box dialogues started by Item Collector components will look and function.

Learn more about inventory settings in this documentation.

Inventory Containers #

Inventory containers are an optional, slot-based inventory system that can be used on top of ORK’s regular inventory.

Learn more about inventory containers in this documentation.

Item Types #

The Item Types sub-section defines the item types that are available.

Item types are used to separate items and other purchaseable things (e.g. equipment, but also abilities or quests).

Learn more about item types in this documentation.

Currencies #

The Currencies sub-section defines the currencies that are available.

Currencies are used to pay for things in shops.

Learn more about currencies in this documentation.

Items #

The Items sub-section defines the items that are available.

Items are used in battles, the field, in quests, etc.

Learn more about items in this documentation.

Equipment Slots #

The Equipment Slots sub-section defines the equipment slots that are available.

Equipment slots are used to equip equipment on combatants. They can be added to the combatant from the start or also added during the game, e.g. gaining a new accessory slot via a passive ability.

Learn more about equipment slots in this documentation.

Equipment #

The Equipment sub-section defines the equipment that is available.

Equipment is used to give status bonuses to combatants while being equipped. It can also override the base/counter attack and animations of the combatant wearing the equipment.

Learn more about equipment in this documentation.

AI Types #

The AI Types sub-section defines the AI types that are available.

AI types are used to separate AI behaviours and AI rulesets.

Learn more about AI types in this documentation.

AI Behaviours #

The AI Behaviours sub-section defines the AI behaviours that are available.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to define content information for AI behaviour slots (where AI behaviours can be equipped on).

AI behaviours are used to create equippable battle AIs.

Learn more about AI behaviours in this documentation.

AI Rulesets #

The AI Rulesets sub-section defines the AI rulesets that are available.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to define content information for AI ruleset slots (where AI rulesets can be equipped on).

AI rulesets are used to create equippable rules the battle AI will follow.

Learn more about AI rulesets in this documentation.

Crafting Settings & Types #

The Crafting Settings & Types sub-section defines the crafting types that are available, as well as general crafting related settings.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to set up general crafting settings, e.g. recipe layout and notifications.

Crafting types that are used to separate crafting recipes.

Learn more about crafting settings and crafting types in this documentation.

Crafting Recipes #

The Crafting Recipes sub-section defines the crafting recipes that are available.

Crafting recipes are used to create items, equipment, etc. from a list of ingredients.

Learn more about crafting recipes in this documentation.

Shops #

The Shops sub-section defines the shops that are available.

Shops are used to purchase items, equipment and other things via Shop Interaction components.

Learn more about shops in this documentation.