Base/Control Section

The Base/Control section contains the settings related to control and basic game data.

For details on Makinom’s sub-sections and settings, check out the Makinom documentation.

Game Controls #

ORK adds new settings to Makinom’s Game Controls sub-section.

The ORK Game Controls settings contain settings for group/ability keys and ORK’s built-in player/camera controls.

Learn more about ORK’s built-in controls in this documentation.

Control Maps #

The Control Maps sub-section defines the control maps that are available. Control maps are used to link input keys with actions, e.g. using an ability or item.

Control maps have to be added to a combatant’s settings (Combatants > Combatants) to be able to be used for the player combatant (or the combatant currently selecting actions in battle).

Learn more about control maps in this documentation.

Animation Types #

The Animation Types sub-section defines the animation types that are available. Animation types are used to play animations for combatants – whenever you want to play an animation in ORK, you will play an animation type, not an animation.

Equipment and status effects can override the animation a combatant uses for an animation type, e.g. using different attack animations for swords and spears, or showing a different idle animation when poisoned.

The General Settings of this sub-section are used to define the default animation types, e.g. for idle, run or death animations.

Learn more about animation types in this documentation.

Animations #

The Animations sub-section defines the animations that are available. Animations link animation types to actual animations (e.g. from legacy animations, Mecanim or a custom animation system).

Combatants define which animations they use, equipment and status effect can optionally use animations to override a combatant’s animations.

Learn more about animations in this documentation.

Damage Types #

The Damage Types sub-section defines the damage types that are available. Damage types are used to define the damage, evade and block animations that are used by targets of abilities and items.

Ability types and item types define the damage types of any ability/item assigned to that type – but abilities and items can also override that and use their own damage types.

That way, you can have a sword hit play a different animation (type) than a fire spell without having to worry about handling this manually in your schematics animating the action.

Learn more about damage types in this documentation.