Combatant Selections

Combatant selections are used by menu screens to select the target for using an ability, items and other things.

Combatant Selections #

Combatant selections define how selecting a combatant in menu screens is handled. They are set up in UI > Combatant Selections.

Learn more about menu screens in this documentation.

General Settings #

The general settings define the default combatant selections for different menu actions:

  • Menu User
    Used when the user of a menu is selected.
  • Ability Target
    Used when the target of an ability is selected.
  • Item Target
    Used when the target of an item is selected.
  • Equip Target
    Used when equipping an equipment on another combatant.
  • Give Target
    Used when giving items to another combatant.

Abilities, items and equipment can override the default combatant selection and optionally use the menu user instead of the selection.

Base Settings #

The base settings of a combatant selection define the UI box that’ll be used and if the combatant selection displays only the battle group or the whole group.

There are additional settings to show hidden combatants, remember selections and more.

Combatant Choice Layout #

Optionally override the default combatant choice layout (defined in UI > Text Display Settings).

The combatant layout defines the content an input button of a combatant displays. You can use a HUD as a template to add additional content, e.g. value bars.

Content Settings #

Define the optional title and message content of the combatant selection. You can use text codes to add content information about what’s being used (e.g. <name> to add the name of the item or ability that’s used).

This’ll be shown in addition to the input buttons for the individual combatants.

Using Combatant Selections #

Combatant selections are used in different parts of ORK.

Menu Screens #

Menu screens can use combatant selections to select the user of a menu screen that’ll be opened (used in Button List menu parts). Button List menu parts can optionally also use a Combatant menu part in the same menu screen instead.

They’re also used to select the target for other menu actions, e.g. using an item, ability or equipment, giving an item to another combatant, etc.

Abilities, Items Equipment #

Abilities, items and equipment can optionally define their own combatant selection.

They can also be set up to use the menu user instead of selecting a combatant.

Schematics #

The Call Menu Screen node (to open a menu screen) can use a combatant selection to select the menu’s user before opening it.

Additionally, the Combatant Selection Choice node uses a combatant selection and stores the combatant into selected data.