Templates Section

The Templates section contains the settings for all kinds of templates that are used by Makinom.

For details on Makinom’s sub-sections and settings, check out the Makinom documentation.

Requirements #

The Requirements sub-section defines the requirements that are available.

Requirements can be used by menu screens and other UI to determine if functionality is available. E.g. only have an inventory menu available when there are items in the inventory.

Status Condition Templates #

The Status Condition Templates sub-section defines the status condition templates that are available.

Status condition tempates are used to set up often needed combatant status conditions and can be used by status condition checks throughout the framework.

Status Bonuses #

The Status Bonuses sub-section defines the status bonuses that are available.

Status bonuses can be used as templates for bonuses given by status effects, equipment, classes and other things.

Battle Range Templates #

The Battle Range Templates sub-section defines the battle range templates that are available.

Battle range templates are used by abilities and items as use/affect ranges.

Equipment Slot Set Templates #

The Equipment Slot Set Templates sub-section defines the equipment slot set templates that are available.

Equipment slot sets are used by equipment to define on which equipment slots it can be equipped. Use the templates for easier setup and quick editing of multiple equipment’s slot setup.