Text Codes

You can add information (like the name of an item or the current game time) to your texts usingĀ Text Codes.

06. Let there be music

A game without sound is dull, so let’s add some music!

05. Connecting the game world

Let’s make our game world a bigger place and connect the scenes.

Spawn Points and Scene Changers

A game usually consists of multiple scenes – the easiest way to connect them to a bigger game world is using Spawn Points and Scene Changers.

04. Interacting with the world

Now that we’ve got our player, we need to be able to interact with the game world … or it would become quite a boring game.

Interaction Controller

The player needs to be able to interact with the game world, that’s what the interaction controller is used for!

03. Adding the player

Every game needs a player, so let’s create one!

02. The main menu

Before we go any deeper into ORK Framework, we need to set up the main menu of your game – it’s the starting point for every test we’ll run!

01. Setting up the project

Welcome to the ORK Framework game tutorials! This first little lesson will focus on getting the project up and running.

Add ORK to your game

Adding ORK Framework to your game is easy, but you need to know how.