30. Combatant Spawners and Move AI

This time we’ll spawn some enemies and let them hunt the player to start a battle.

29. Active Time Battles

In Active Time Battles a combatant can perform an action once his timebar has been filled.

28. Combatant Groups

Our first battle used a single combatant – creating Combatant Groups will help us save time when fighting multiple combatants.

27. A simple HUD

We can use HUDs to display all kinds of information – in our case, the player’s status (HP and MP).

26. Displaying equipment

We’re using Equipment Viewers to display our player’s equipment in the game.

25. Animating special actions

Again, we use Battle Events to animate defendescape and death.

24. Battle end events

We still need to create an ending to our battle – this is done using Battle End Events.

23. Battle start events

It’s time to give our battle a proper intro – we can do this using Battle Start Events.

22. Battle events 2

Let’s continue with animating our battles. We’ll do the next batch of battle events!

21. Battle events 1

We use Battle Events to animate battle actions like abilities or items – in this tutorial we’ll focus on the attack ability.