Visiting an Inn

We all know them, we all love them – let’s go to an Inn and rest for a bit!

Time and Day

Create a custom time and day system with the event system and game variables.

49. Bestiary System

The bestiary system lets the player learn about the status information of enemies upon fighting them.

Mecanim Animations

Learn using Mecanim animations instead of the legacy system.

48. Loot

The loot system can be used for more complex, level based item gains and special condition loot.

Hunting Quest

Create a simple quest to kill some enemies using the Quest System.

Quest System

The Quest System allows creating complex quests with multiple tasks, rewards and automatic progress.

Equipment Viewer Child Linking

Some equipment, like trousers or sleeves, require a more complex setup to follow the combatant’s movement. Equipment Viewers use Child Linking to achieve this.

Battle in a different scene

Make your battles take place in a different scene and return to your previous position after the battle using Battle Start and Battle End Events.

Level up Status Values by using Abilities

Implement a learning by doing type of leveling system by using Object Game Variables and Battle Events.