Automatic Doors

You can create automatic doors that open when the player comes near them and close when the player goes away using the Event System.

Skillbar and Hotkeys with Shortcut Slots

Add a Skillbar and Hotkeys to your game using the Shortcut Slot System.

Shortcut Slot System

The Shortcut Slot System is used to assign actions like abilities or items to slots, allowing a wide variety of gameplay mechanics.

Adding Traps using Damage Dealers

You can use Environmental damage dealers to create traps that damage the player when he steps into them.

50. Adding a 2nd player group member

Usually, an RPG has more than one member fighting in the group – so let’s add a 2nd member to the player group.

Status Effect Types

You have a lot of status effects? Separating them into different Status Effect Types can bring order into them – and improve your gameplay!

Throwing a Fireball

Want an ability to just throw a fireball straight ahead? Learn how to do it in this gameplay tutorial.

Creating a combatant via script

Creating and initializing a combatant in your custom scripts is easy, once you know how.

Custom Save Data

ORK Framework allows you to add custom save data to ORK’s save game system.

Using the new UI

Learn how to use the new Unity® UI with ORK Framework.