You can use Environmental damage dealers to create traps that damage the player when he steps into them.

Environmental damage dealers are Damage Dealer components that have Always On enabled. They don’t need to be activated by an action (i.e. they are active all the time), but still require a combatant that knows the used ability.

To get this going, we’ll create:

  • a battle event to animate the trap
  • a new ability for the trap
  • a new combatant for environmental damage
  • the trap

So let’s get to it!

A new battle event

We’ll create a small battle event that spawns a prefab (particle effect) when damaging a combatant. Open the ORK Framework editor and navigate to Events. Click on New Battle Event and change the following settings.


Event Settings

The trap will spawn a prefab on the target, so we’ll need to add it first.

  • Destroy Prefabs
    Disable this setting.

Click on Add Prefab.

  • Prefab
    Select Sparks2 or another prefab that you want to use.
    Sparks2 will play quick spark particle effect.

Spawn Prefab

Add > Game Object > Prefab > Spawn Prefab

We’ll spawn the prefab on the target.

  • Prefab
    Select Prefab 0.
  • Object (Target Object)
    Select Actor.
  • Actor
    Select Target.
  • Local Space
    Enable this setting.
  • Offset
    Set to X=0, Y=1, Z=0.


Add > Battle Steps > Calculate

This will calculate the damage of the ability.

Emit Particles

Add > Game Object > Component > Emit Particles

We’ll stop the particle effect shortly after spawning the prefab to create a nice spark effect.

  • Emit
    Disable this setting.
    This will stop emitting particles.
  • Emit After (s)
    Set to 0.1.
  • Object (Target Object)
    Select Prefab.
  • Prefab
    Select Prefab 0.
  • Spawned Prefab ID
    Set to -1.
    This will use all spawned instances of the prefab.

Destroy Prefab

Add > Game Object > Prefab > Destroy Prefab

We’ll destroy the prefab after some time. We stop emitting particles before destroying the prefab to prevent the particles from suddenly being destroyed.

  • Prefab
    Select Prefab 0.
  • Spawned Prefab ID
    Set to -1.
  • Destroy After Time
    Enable this setting.
  • Time (s)
    Set to 2.
  • Wait
    Disable this setting.

And that’s it for the event – click on Save Event and save it as trap.asset in Assets/Events/Battle/.

The trap ability

The trap will do damage using an ability, so navigate to Status > Abilities, add a new ability and change the following settings.

  • Name
    Set to Trap.
  • Useable In
    Select Both.

Target Settings

  • Target Type
    Select Enemy.
    If you want the trap to damage all combatants, you can select All.
  • Target Range
    Select Single.
  • Is Dead
    Select No.

Damage Dealer Settings

Environmental damage dealers are animated in the Damage Dealer Settings of the ability instead of the Battle Animation settings.

  • Animate
    Enable this setting.

Change the settings of the already added battle event.

  • Battle Event
    Select the trap event file we just created.
  • Chance
    Set to 100.
  • Perform In
    Enable Field and all battle system types.
    The trap should do damage all the time.

Target Changes

The trap should do 50 damage to the HP and add a poison status effect. Click on Add Value Change to add the status value change for the damage to the target.

  • Status Value
    Select HP.
  • Operator
    Select Sub.
  • Value Origin
    Select Value.
  • Value
    Set to 50.

Click on Add Status Effect to add a status effect change.

  • Status Effect
    Select Poison.
  • Change
    Select Add.

And that’s it for the ability.

The enviromental combatant

In order to use the ability, the trap needs a combatant that can use the ability (i.e. he must know it). While you can use an already existing combatant, it’s best to create a new combatant only for traps and other environmental damage dealer uses. Navigate to Combatants > Combatants, add a new combatant and change the following settings.

  • Name
    Set to Environmental Damage.
  • Prefab
    Select no prefab.
    This combatant will never be spawned in the game, only used by damage dealers for calculations.

Status Settings

Currently we only use this combatant for a trap that doesn’t use the status values of the combatant, so we can ignore these settings. When you later add more environmental damage dealers and do damage based on stats, you can come back here and set it up the way you need it. Using Status Development, you can even create different levels of your traps.

Ability Development

The ability used by the environmental damage dealer must be known to the combatant and mustn’t be an attack or counter attack. Click on Add Ability to teach the ability we just created to the combatant.

  • Learn at Level
    Set to 1.
  • Ability
    Select Trap.

And that’s it – click on Save Settings to save the changes.

Creating the trap

Open a scene (or create a new scene) – now we’ll be creating the trap’s game object and make it into a prefab for later use. Create a new game object using the Unity® menu: Game Object > Create Empty

Name the game object Trap and add the following components.

Box Collider

Add a Box Collider component and change the following settings.

  • Is Trigger
    Enable this setting.
  • Size
    Set the size to an appropriate setting.
    I’m using X=2, Y=2, Z=2 – since you can change this in the individual instances of the prefab, it’s not that important now.


Add a Rigidbody component and change the following settings.

  • Use Gravity
    Disable this setting.
  • Is Kinematic
    Enable this setting.
  • Freeze Position (Constraints)
    Enable all axes.
  • Freeze Rotation (Constraints)
    Enable all axes.

Damage Dealer

Add a Damage Dealer component and change the following settings.

  • Type
    Select Trigger Enter.
  • Always On
    Enable this setting.
    This will make the damage dealer an environmental damage dealer.
  • Ability
    Select Trap.
  • Set Combatant
    Enable this setting.
    We will select a combatant here – otherwise, the damage dealer will search for a Combatant Component in case it’s part of a combatant (e.g. for contact damage).
  • Faction
    Select Enemies.
  • Combatant
    Select Environmental Damage.
  • One Time Damage
    Disable this setting.
  • One Target
    Disable this setting.

And that’s it – make the trap a prefab by dragging it from the scene hierarchy into the project view.


Now you can use the trap wherever you need it in your game by adding the prefab to the scene – you can also use it in the event system to spawn new instances of the trap.

Tip: Trap not working?

If your trap isn’t working, make sure your player combatant has a Damage Zone set up on it’s prefab. A damage dealer can only harm game objects with a damage zone.

Also, make sure the combatant you’re using for the trap isn’t dead, i.e. set the HP/health to a value that wont cause death in the combatant’s status settings.