Factions determine if combatants are allies or enemies.

17. Enemies and Battle AI

Let’s create some enemies to fight, and their behaviour in battle, using Battle AIs.

Battle AI

The battle AI will decide the battle actions of any combatant who’s not part of the player group (or an¬†AI controlled¬†member of the player group).

16. Battle prep

Finally, some action! But before we can start with our first battle, let’s go over some needed battle settings first.

15. Classes and revisiting the player

This time we’ll set up a basic class and take a look at our player again.


A class is the basic foundation of every combatant.

14. Equipment

We don’t want our hero to run around naked and fight with his fists – let’s create some fancy things to wear!


Another crucial part of most games – stuff to wear. ORK Framework gives you total control over your equipment system!


Updated tutorials to beta10

Updates to match the latest version ORK Framework 2.0.0.beta10.

13. Items

Next thing on the list – let’s create some items … refreshing potions, some status effect stuff and books teaching abilities.