11. Formulas

After building our status system, it’s time to use it in formulas to calculate things like attack damage or hit chance.


In an RPG (or any other type of game), there need to be some calculations done using the status of the player or other combatants – in ORK Framework you create your calculations using formulas.

Node Editor

ORK Framework uses a node editor to allow you to create certain parts of your game logic.


Updated the main menu game tutorial

The game tutorial about creating the main menu has been updated with new content.

10. Status Effects

Status effects are used to influence a combatant’s status, like poison or blindness.

09. Attributes

Attack and defence attributes are used to influence the impact of abilities and items on status values.

Attack and Defence Attributes

Attributes are used to influence the impact of an ability or item on a target’s status values.


Game Variables how-to updated again

The how-to about game variables has been updated again.

08. Status Values

The status system is the core of each RPG – with ORK Framework, you can create this system however you like, using status values.

Input Keys

ORK Framework uses a virtual control layer between Unity® and ORK.