ORK 3.3.1 is a small udpate with some bugfixes.

This update fixes some bugs. Check out the ORK Framework 3.3.0 release notes for more information on the latest features.

This version contains Makinom 2.4.1 with additional fixes.

Download the latest version of ORK Framework here.

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  • Schematics: Change Status Effect: The ‘Change Status Effect’ node’s info text now shows more details about the status effect changes.


  • Schematics: Select Combatant Objects: Fixed an issue where using ‘All’ user combatants wasn’t using any combatant, selecting no game objects.
  • Editor: Status Effect Casts: Fixed an issue where using ‘Remove’ or ‘Toggle’ didn’t show all available settings.
  • Battle Menus: Fixed an issue where battle menu overrides from combatants or classes didn’t change the battle menu when it was already initialized before (which always happens).
  • Battle Menus: Fixed an issue where some commands (e.g. ‘Grid Move’ or ‘Defend’) didn’t display tooltips.
  • Battle Components: Fixed ‘Battle’ components throwing an error when they are started without defined combatants.