ORK 3.3.0 is here with over 60 new features, changes and fixes!

This update adds a ‘factor’ feature for attack/defence modifier bonuses, allows using multiple reuse times for battle actions (e.g. blocking an ability for 3 turns and an ability type for 1 turn), adds new schematic nodes and other new features changes and fixes.

Additionally, highlighting combatants and battle grid cells is now an extensible system, allowing you to add custom highlights via scripting by extending from the BaseCombatantHighlightType class and BaseGridHighlightType class. E.g. use this to add support for HDRP features.

This version contains Makinom 2.4.0 with 35 additional new features, changes and fixes.

Download the latest version of ORK Framework here.

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  • Game Controls: Group Member Keys: ‘Keep Scale’ setting available. Spawning a new player will keep the scale of the currently spawned player. Only used when a new player is spawned (and an old is still present), but used in all cases that changes the player (i.e. not limited to the group member keys).
  • Player Controls: Top Down 2D: ‘Rotate Z Axis’ setting available. Optionally set the Z-axis rotation of the player’s game object using the movement direction.
  • Player Controls: Button: Animator Root Motion: ‘Use Damping’ settings available for forward/vertical speed parameters. Optionally use a damp time to change to the new value over time.
  • Animations: Mecanim: ‘Use Damping’ settings available for all auto parameters setting float parameters. Optionally use a damp time to change to the new value over time.
  • Animations: Mecanim: ‘Set Float Parameter’ setting available for ‘Auto Rotation Parameters’. Optionally set a float parameter instead of an int parameter for ‘Direction 4’ and ‘Direction 8’ rotations types. E.g. using blend trees only supports using float parameters.
  • Menu Screens: Menu Actions: Use, Give: ‘Use Combatant Part’ setting available. Optionally use a ‘Combatant’ menu part as combatant selection for ‘Use’ and ‘Give’ target selections (e.g. in ‘Inventory’ menu parts).
  • Cursor Settings: Default Cursor: ‘Reset to System Default’ setting available. Reset to the system default cursor when no default cursor is found.
  • Status Bonuses: Attack/Defence Modifier Bonuses: ‘Change Factor’ settings available. Optionally use a change factor to multiply an attribute’s value with. E.g. a factor of 0 will result in immunity to an attribute (i.e. value of 0), 0.5 will halve the value, 2 will double the value. Available in ann attack/defence modifier bonus settings.
  • Text Display Settings: Bonus Display: Attack/Defence Modifier Bonus Display: ‘Immunity Text’ and ‘Factor Value Text’ settings available. Define the texts used to display immunity (factor 0) and factor changes (i.e. any factor not 1 or 0).
  • Status Effects: Status Value Changes: ‘Min/Max Change’ settings available. Optionally limit a status value change to a minimum or maximum change value. The limit will be used before attack/defence modifiers.
  • Inventory Settings: Drop Item Settings: ‘Condition Settings’ available for the item collector setup. Define the conditions that have to be valid to collect drop items.
  • Abilities, Items, Battle System: Reuse Time: ‘Multi Use’ setting available. Optionally allow using multiple reuse times. If disabled only the first available reuse time (for the current battle system) will be used.
  • Shops: Equipment: ‘Sell Only Equipable’ setting available. Only equipment that can be equipped by the current shop user (combatant) can be purchased.
  • Turn Based Battles, Phase Battles: Battle Menu Call: ‘Reopen In Turn’ setting available when not auto calling the battle menu. Optionally reopen the battle menu when a combatant can continue to select actions during it’s turn.
  • Battle AIs: Use Last Targets, Use Attacked By, Use Killed By, Use Combatant: ‘Selected Data’ target origin available. Use combatants stored in selected data to find targets.
  • Battle Grid Settings: Move Command: ‘User Cell Cancels’ setting available when using ‘Allow Cancel’. Selecting the user’s cell will cancel the cell selection.
  • Battle Grid Highlights: Highlights are now an extensible system. You can add different highlights as needed, ‘Prefab’, ‘Blink’ and ‘Line Renderer’ highlight types are available (‘Blink’ now also supports using different properties). Add custom highlights by extending from the ‘BaseGridHighlightType’ class. Previous settings are automatically updated.
  • Combatant Highlights: Highlights are now an extensible system. You can add different highlights as needed, ‘Prefab’, ‘Fade Color’ and ‘Fade HUD Color’ highlight types are available (‘Fade Color’ now also supports using different properties). Add custom highlights by extending from the ‘BaseCombatantHighlightType’ class. Previous settings are automatically updated. E.g. used by target highlights or battle menu user highlights.
  • Schematics: Join Group, Join Battle Group, Join Battle Reserve, Join Battle: ‘Store Selected Data’ settings available. Optionally store the combatant that joined into selected data.
  • Schematics: Leave Group, Leave Battle Group, Leave Battle Reserve, Leave Battle: ‘Store Selected Data’ settings available. Optionally store the combatant that left into selected data.
  • Schematics: Change Battle Group: ‘Change Battle Group’ node available in ‘Group > Battle Group’ nodes. Changes a combatant in the battle group for another combatant (not in the battle group).
  • Schematics: Check Equip Item Type: ‘Check Equip Item Type’ node available in ‘Inventory > Equipment’ nodes. Checks the item types of equipment currently stored in selected data.
  • Schematics: Check Equip Status Value, Store Equip Status Value: ‘Include Bonuses’ settings available. Optionally include status value bonuses coming from the equipment’s custom bonus and status bonus templates. Otherwise only uses the status values added directly to the equipment instance (e.g. via random bonuses of changed by schematics).
  • Schematics: Add Combatant: ‘Use Selected Data’ settings available. Optionally use combatants stored in selected data and add them to a game object instead of creating a new combatant.
  • Schematics: Filter Selected Combatants: ‘Filter Selected Combatants’ node available in ‘Value > Selected Data’ nodes. Filters combatants stored in selected data and only keeps combatants matching defined conditions. E.g. check for being enemy of another combatant, distance to a position, waiting for or performing an action and various other conditions.
  • Schematics: Select Combatant Objects: ‘Store Combatants’ setting available. Optionally store the combatants instead of their game objects into selected data.
  • Schematics: Is Battle Action: ‘Action Check’ settings available. Optionally check for the schematic being started by a defined battle action instead of any battle action.
  • Schematics: Drop Items: ‘Use Selected Data’ settings available. Optionally drop items stored in selected data instead of defined items.
  • Schematics: Dialogue Nodes: ‘In Pause’ setting available. Defines if a UI box can be controlled when the game is paused. Defaults to ‘Auto’, allowing control if the game is paused when displaying the UI box.
  • Scripting: Item Collector Component: The new ‘PrefabInstance’ property gives access to the (possibly) spawned prefab instance (game object) of the item.
  • Scripting: Access Handler: New access handler functions available for resetting and changing the durability of an equipment.
  • Unity UI: Content Provider: HUD Quest: ‘HUD Quest’ content provider component available. Uses a defined quest as content for it’s HUD components.
  • Inpector: ORK Handler: The ORK handler inspector (on the ‘_Makinom’ game object) now shows the number of battle actions currently queued (waiting to execute), casting and active in the battle system.


  • Menu Screens: Combatant Settings: The settings for available users are now independent from allowing changing the menu user, since the settings also impact the available combatants in combatant selections for opening the menu screen.
  • Target Settings, Abilities, Items: Target Raycast: Mouse an input key cursor changes now update the same cursor position, mouse changes are only used if the mouse is moved (i.e. no longer overriding input key changes when input stops).
  • Schematics: Actors: ‘User Base’, ‘Target Base’ and ‘Target Center’ type actors are now supported in schematics not used to animate battle actions. The ‘User Base’ can be used if the ‘Machine Object’ of the schematic is a combatant. The ‘Target Base’ and ‘Target Center’ can be used if the ‘Starting Object’ of schematic is a combatant (or multiple combatants).
  • Schematics, Formulas: Status Fork: The ‘Status Fork’ node’s next slots now show which condition they are used by.
  • Schematics, Formulas, Battle AI: Check Status: The ‘Check Status’ node’s info text now shows more details about the set up status conditions.
  • Editor: Animations: Mecanim: Loading animations from a prefab (via it’s ‘Animator’ component’s animator controller) now uses a selected animator controller directly to load animations. Supports animator controllers and animator override controllers.
  • HUDs: Unity UI: ORK HUD Text Content, ORK HUD Status Text Content: Displaying current area information via text codes will now automatically update the text when the current area changes.
  • Battles: Change Member: Changing a group member during battle will not replace the old combatant being a target in actions waiting to be executed and casting. Already performing actions will not use the new combatant.


  • Battle AI, Formulas, Schematics: Select Combatant: Fixed an issue with the checked combatant when using filters. This changes the object selection in ‘Combatant Status’, ‘General Condition Template’ and ‘Variable’ conditions (when using ‘Object’ variable origins). Please note that you might need to redo the selection in some cases. The checked combatant is the ‘User’ object.
  • Turn Based Battles, Status Effects: Fixed an issue where using ‘Auto Start Turn’ in a ‘Turn Based’ type battle system caused to reduce ‘Turn Start’ effects by 2 turns.
  • Active Time Battles: Fixed an issue where the battle could be stalled if a casted action and a combatant starting to select actions appeared at the same time.
  • Inventory Settings: Drop Item Settings: ‘Place On Ground’ didn’t work.
  • Shops: Shops now correctly support item stacking.
  • Battle Menus: Fixed an issue where using a ‘Battle Menu’ option with a battle menu that called other sub-menus (e.g. abilities or items) stopped back/cancel from working.
  • HUDs: Console: Fixed an issue where toggling the HUD on/off could lead to content not being displayed.
  • Menu Screens: Research: Fixed an issue where the tree/item box didn’t display the title settings when enabling ‘Show Title’. This caused an additional error in-game due to the not set up settings.
  • Menu Screens, Shops: Fixed an issue where using ‘Block Control’ didn’t block the controls.
  • Menu Screens: Fixed an issue where displaying all types while merging sub-types and displaying empty types didn’t work, displaying all types and sub-types instead.
  • Battle AI: Grid Move: Fixed an issue where the ‘Reachable’ next slot was never used.
  • Add Combatant Component: Move AI: Fixed an issue where using ‘Own Move AI’ was hiding the move AI selection instead of showing it.
  • Control Maps: Fixed an issue where using ‘Use Cursor Over Target’ on abilities/items with ‘None’ target range had the target below the cursor twice in battle animation schematics.
  • Combatant Spawners: Fixed an issue where teleport battles immediately respawned combatants instead of using their respawn time when returning to the scene.
  • Abilities, Items: Status Changes: Status Value: Fixed an issue with attack modifier damage calculation types not being used correctly with multiple attributes of the same modifier.
  • Battle Grids: Change Member: Fixed an issue where changing members in battle (via battle menu command) didn’t set the combatant’s grid cell.
  • Editor: Battle AIs: Fixed an issue where removing a battle AI didn’t update the node editor to display the next selected battle AI.
  • Save Games: Research Trees: Fixed an issue where a combatant’s research trees where not loaded correctly.
  • Schematics: Select Loot: Fixed an issue where loot settings where hidden.
  • Auto Machines, Interactions: Notify Start: Fixed an issue where getting notified by the ‘Machine Object’ combatant didn’t work.