New status requirements and use of them for conditional status changes (e.g. abilities, items), loads of new event system steps and other new features, changes and fixes.

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  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Use Requirement’ settings available for status value changes of active abilities and items.
    Optionally checks ‘Status Requirements’ and ‘Variable Conditions’ on the user or target, the changes will only be performed if the check is valid.
  • Status Effect Changes
    ‘Use Requirement’ settings available when changing status effects (e.g. ability status changes, auto effects, etc.).
    Optionally checks ‘Status Requirements’ and ‘Variable Conditions’ on the user or target, the changes will only be performed if the check is valid.
  • Combatants: Battle Settings
    ‘Use Requirement’ settings available for ‘Auto Start Battle’ settings.
    Optionally checks ‘Status Requirements’ and ‘Variable Conditions’ on the user (enemy) or target (player), the auto battles will only start if the check is valid.
  • Combatants: Conditional Prefabs
    ‘Use Spawned Scale’ setting available.
    Optionally uses the scale of the currently spawned prefab when changing prefabs.
    By default enabled.
  • Battle Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Change Last Target’ step available.
    Changes the last targets of a combatant.
    This can influence various things, e.g. AI target selection.
  • Formulas: Variable Steps
    ‘Store Formula Value’ step available.
    Stores the current value of the formula into a float game variable.
  • Text Input
    ‘Is Password’ setting available for game options and input dialogues.
    Optionally uses a text input field as password input, masking the user’s input with a ‘*’.
  • Music
    ‘Use PCM’ settings available for music clip loops.
    Optionally checks and sets the playback position in PCM samples instead of time.
  • GUI System: New UI
    ‘Keep Prefab Height’ settings available for text, toggle and slider input prefabs.
    Optionally keeps the height of the used prefabs instead of adjusting the height to the used font size.
  • Menu System: Crafting
    ‘Info Only’ setting available in the ‘Crafting Box Settings’.
    Optionally only displays the crafting recipe information and doesn’t allow using them.
  • Crafting Recipes
    ‘Use Requirements’ settings available.
    Optionally checks ‘Status Requirements’ and ‘Variable Conditions’ on the user of the recipe to determine if it can be used.
  • Event System: Crafting Steps
    ‘Can Use Recipe’ step available.
    Checks if a combatant can use a selected crafting recipe.
  • Event System: Camera Steps
    ‘Change Camera Options’ step available.
    Changes various settings on a camera that can’t be changed with the ‘Change Field’ step.
  • Event System: Function Steps
    ‘Set Object Layer’ step available.
    Sets the layer of a game object.
  • Event System: Function Steps
    ‘Check Object Layer’ step available.
    Checks the layer of a game object.
  • Event System: Function Steps
    ‘Place Object’ setting avaialble in the ‘Mount Object’ step.
    Placing a game object when mounting it to another object is now optional.
    By default enabled.
  • Event System: Status Steps
    ‘Change Defence Attribute’ step available.
    Changes a defence attribute of a combatant permanently.
  • Event System: Battle Steps
    ‘Add Loot’ step available.
    Adds items, weapons, armors or currency to the battle’s loot.
  • Event System: Battle Steps
    ‘Add Experience Reward’ step available.
    Adds experience to the battle’s experience gains.
  • Event System: Status Steps
    ‘Revive’ step available.
    Revives a combatant or the combatant’s group.
    The step doesn’t change ‘Consumable’ type status values, i.e. the combatant will die again if the status value causing the death is still the same.
  • Status Effects
    ‘Animate Damage’ settings available for status conditions.
    Negative status changes can now optionally play a damage animation on the combatant.
  • Status Requirements
    ‘Group Leader’ status check available.
    The combatant must or mustn’t be the leader of his group.
  • Status Requirements
    ‘Group Size’ status check available.
    The combatant’s group size will be compared with a defined value.



  • GUI System: New UI
    The GUI box instance used for a box object in the new UI can now be accessed through the ‘GUIBox’ property in the ‘GUIBoxComponent’ attached to it.
  • GUI Boxes
    The ‘Inactive Alpha’ settings for choices and tabs are no longer available when using the new UI.
    This is handled by the prefabs used for buttons/tabs, the ‘Inactive Alpha’ setting wasn’t used in the new UI.
  • Combatant Component Inspector
    The inspector display of the combatant component now also displays the defence attributes of the selected combatant game object.



  • Combatants
    A battle action without targets (e.g. an AoE ability) could cause errors when setting the last target’s of a combatant.
  • Event System: Camera Steps
    Changing the ‘Field of View’ in a ‘Change Camera Position’ step is working again.
  • Event System: Rotation Steps
    The ‘Rotate To’ step will now correctly rotate into the shorter direction when using fading.
  • GUI System: New UI
    Opening/selecting the ORK Framework editor while playing wont throw errors any longer.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    Using the ‘Change Combatant’ click type and clicking on the current player’s HUD removed the player controls but didn’t add them again.
    Changing player now only works if the combatant isn’t the current player.
  • Changing Player
    Changing the player could result in still using the old interaction controller in some cases.