New shortcut lists functionality (i.e. combatants can have multiple sets of shortcuts), optionally class based shortcut lists and other small features, changes and fixes.

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  • Combatants
    ‘Shortcut List Count’ setting available.
    A combatant can now have more than one shortcut list, each list contains of a various amount of slots.
    Lists can be switched using the event system.
  • Combatants
    ‘Use Class Shortcuts’ setting available.
    A combatant can optionally use class based shortcut lists.
  • Classes
    ‘Shortcut List Count’ and ‘Default Shortcut’ settings available.
    Shortcut lists can now optionally be based on classes, changing a class will also change the shortcut lists.
  • Event System: Shortcut Steps
    ‘Change Shortcut List’ step available.
    Changes a combatant’s active shortcut list.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘No Inner Assign’ setting available in ‘Shortcut’ HUD elements.
    Prevents assigning a shortcut slot from another slot of the same HUD element.



  • Event System
    The shortcut steps can now be found in the new ‘Shortcut Steps’ list.



  • Event System: Dialogue Steps
    Restarting an event while an ‘Autoclose’ dialogue (without using ‘Wait) is displayed wont result in errors.
  • HUDs
    A HUD without any HUD elements (e.g. only using a background image) caused errors.
  • GUI System: New UI
    Using text typing displayed the whole text for a frame when first displaying a GUI box.
  • Status Effects
    Using ‘End On Abilities’ caused a status effect to be removed by the same ability that applied it.
  • Status Effects
    Using an ‘End Action’ in combination with ‘End On Abilities’ could in some cases lead to an error.