The 10th beta version of the new grid battles feature for ORK Framework is here.

See this how-to for more information about grid battles. You can learn setting up a grid battle for your game in a short gameplay tutorial series.


Released in ORK Framework 2.8.0

Grid battles have been officially released in ORK 2.8.0 – see the release notes for details.

The Grid Prefabs contain some prefabs that can be used for the grid cell types – please enable Use Prefab Rotation when using these prefabs, since the prefabs already have the correct rotation set up – as well as a basic battle event for the move command and battle start/end events for starting/ending grid battles.

Download Grid Prefabs

The implementation of this feature is possible thanks to this group buy proposal – please use this thread to give feedback to the grid battle feature!


In case you’ve used beta 2, please remove all Grid Move To Target steps in your battle AIs before updating. This step has been replaced with the new Grid Move step, which also allows fleeing from a target or moving to a random position on the grid.

When importing the Grid Prefabs, make sure to check the included event assets are not missing their classes. In case the classes are missing, select the  following classes:

  • gridBattleStart
    Select the ORKBattleStartEvent class.
  • gridEscapeBattleEnd, gridVictoryBattleEnd
    Select the ORKBattleEndEvent class.
  • gridMoveCommand
    Select the ORKBattleEvent class.


In case you encounter bugs, miss some features or have questions about setting up grid battles, please do so in the group buy proposal thread in the forum.

The grid battle feature will remain in open beta for the next 2-3 weeks (unless there are some major issues/bugs), the official release of ORK 2.8.0 (including grid battles) is planned for early September.

Abilites/Items: None Target Range

When using the None target range for an ability or item, you can enable the Select Target Cell option to allow the player to select a grid cell as target for the action.

The target cell selection is set up in Battle System > Battle Grid Settings. You can also display the affect range of the ability when selecting a target cell – upon accepting a selected cell, all combatants in the affect range will be used as targets.

Examine Grid

The new Grid Examine battle menu item allows the player to examine the grid and combatants that are placed on it.

When selecting the Grid Examine item in battle, the grid examination will start based on the settings made in Battle System > Battle Grid Settings > Examine Grid.

Combatant information displayed for combatants on the selected grid cell are based on bestiary information, i.e. you can only see information that you’ve already learned about an enemy combatant. You can also display the move range and attack range (i.e. use range of the combatant’s base attack) on the grid.

Target Information

The Target Information Display settings (found in Menus > Menu Settings > Text Display Settings) define the default layout for displaying target information.

Target information can be used to display the status value and status effect changes that will happen to the user and targets of an action (ability/item), as well as hit chance and critical chance of the action.

Target Information Dialogue

The target information dialogue can be displayed while selecting a target for an action (ability/item). It’s set up in Battle System > Battle Settings > Target Settings.

This dialogue is a non-controlable information dialogue and can display the changes of the user and the selected targets. The user and targets can each be displayed in their own GUI box, or all in a combined GUI box.

Target Confirmation Dialogue

The target confirmation dialogue can be displayed after selecting a target for an action (ability/item). It’s set up in Battle System > Battle Settings > Target Settings.

This dialogue waits for the player to accept or cancel the selected targets. If the player accepts, the action will be used – if canceled, the previous battle menu selection (abilities/items) will be displayed. The user and targets will be displayed in a single, combined GUI box.