Move AI

The move AI decides where a combatant will move to.

Research System

The Research System can be used to learn new abilities, give status value bonuses or create items and equipment.

Selected Data

The Selected Data feature can be used for all kinds of custom systems.

Scene Objects

Scene objects can be used to add information to the game objects in your scene.

Shortcut Slot System

The Shortcut Slot System is used to assign actions like abilities or items to slots, allowing a wide variety of gameplay mechanics.

Quest System

The Quest System allows creating complex quests with multiple tasks, rewards and automatic progress.

Camera Positions

Camera positions are predefined and reusable settings to place a camera.


Animating your combatants is done by creating Animation Types and binding animations to them.


In an RPG (or any other type of game), there need to be some calculations done using the status of the player or other combatants – in ORK Framework you create your calculations using formulas.

Input Keys

ORK Framework uses a virtual control layer between Unity® and ORK.