This small update brings compatibility with Unity 5.5 and some fixes.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

Please note that ORK Framework now requires Unity 5.5!

Check out the recently released major update ORK Framework 2.9.0 for more information on new features.


  • Unity 5.5
    ORK Framework now supports and requires Unity 5.5.
  • Move AIs: Waypoint Settings
    ‘Horizontal Plane’ setting available when using ‘Random Patrol’.
    Defines the axes that will be used as horizontal plane (i.e. horizontal movement of the game objects), either XZ (default 3D behaviour) or XY (default 2D behaviour).


  • Status Effects
    Fixed an issue when reapplying a status effect using end after ‘None’.
  • Move AI
    Fixed an issue that lost the target when using raycast enemy detection.
  • HUDs: GUI Editor
    Fixed an issue when editing ‘Combatant’ type HUDs using element requirements in the GUI editor.