Improvements for HUDs and menu screens, and other small features, changes and fixes.

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  • HUDs: Interaction
    New text codes for ‘Interaction’ type HUDs available.
    Display the type’s name (‘%tn’), description (‘%td’) or icon (‘%ti’) – the type can be the scene object type or class of a combatant.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘Use Equipment Variables’ setting available in ‘Equipment’ HUD elements of ‘Combatant’ type HUDs.
    Optionally uses variables attached to the displayed equipment for game variable text codes.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    Level points and durability text codes available in ‘Equipment’ type HUD elements of ‘Combatant’ type HUDs.
    Display an equipment’s level points and durability information in text using various new text codes.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘Use Bar’ settings available in ‘Equipment’ type HUD elements of ‘Combatant type HUDs.
    Optionally display a bar for the equipments level points or durability instead of a text.
  • UI: Content Layout
    ‘Hide Empty Info’ setting available.
    Optionally hide the info text of choice buttons if the actual info is empty, i.e. if the content displayed through the ‘%’, ‘%l’ or ‘%lvl’ text codes is empty.
  • Menu Screens: Bestiary (Area), Bestiary (Type)
    ‘Entry Navigation Keys’ settings available.
    Optionally navigate the bestiary entry using input keys while displaying a bestiary entry.
  • Menu Screens, Shops
    ‘Play Audio’ setting available for type/page change keys.
    Defines which audio clip of the GUI box will be played when using the input keys to change the type of page.
    Defaults to ‘Cursor’ for type and ‘Accept’ for page changes.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Allow Non-Player’ setting available.
    Optionally allow non-player combatants to be displayed by a menu screen, e.g. through a click on their HUD or custom scripts.
  • Event System: Set Battle Scene ID
    ‘Remove ID’ setting available.
    Removes/unsets the scene ID of the ‘Battle’ component the battle is using.
    This can be used in battle end events to make the battle available again.
  • Event System: Change Scene ID
    ‘Change Scene ID’ step available in ‘Game > Scene’ steps.
    Changes scene ID state for items or battles in a defined scene.
  • Battle Events
    The ‘Calculate’ step will now use the optional ‘Miss’ next slot when an escape action failed.


  • Menu Screens
    Closing a menu screen without returning to the screen that called it (e.g. using ‘Close After Use’ and ‘Don’t Return’ in ‘Inventory’ parts) will now notify events that originally called the menu screen (i.e. using the ‘Call Menu Screen’ part).


  • GUI Boxes: Portraits
    Fixed an issue where portraits could cause flickering/disappearing images.
  • GUI Editor, Variables
    Fixed an issue where changing global variables in formulas of a combatant could throw errors in the GUI editor when the combatant is used to display a HUD.
  • Scene Loading
    Fixed an issue when using ‘Additive’ scene load mode.
  • Save Game Menu
    Fixed an issue where the settings for loading a defined scene in save games when not saving the player group’s position wasn’t displayed.
  • UI: Value Bars
    Fixed an issue where displaying a bar with 0 value range (e.g. a status value of a combatant with a max value of 0) resulted in wrongly displayed value bars.
  • Scene Objects
    Fixed an issue where the cursor was displayed outside a scene object when it was parented on something else.
  • Real Time Battles
    Fixed an issue where actions fired while being in action could lead to them only be started when the next action was added to the battle system (i.e. unwanted delays).
  • HUDs: Tooltip
    Fixed an issue where tooltips of game objects wheren’t removed when moving the cursor out of the game object when no other game object was hit by the raycast (e.g. due to not being on a layer checked by the ‘HUD Layer Mask’).