New formula, battle AI and event steps and other new features, changes and fixes.

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  • Game Settings
    ‘Start Volume Settings’ available in the game settings.
    Define the music volume and sound volume that will be used when ORK is initialized.
  • Formulas: Inventory Quantity
    ‘Inventory Quantity’ step available in ‘Combatant’ steps.
    Uses the quantity of an item, equipment or currency in a combatant’s inventory to change the formula’s value.
  • Status Values: Console Texts
    ‘Ignore 0 Damage’ setting available.
    Console texts optionally wont be displayed when a damage of 0 (i.e. no real damage) was made.
  • Event System: Spawn Combatant
    ‘Spawn Combatant’ step available in ‘Combatant > Combatant’ nodes.
    Spawns a combatant or combatant group at a defined position.
  • Event System: Call Menu Screen
    ‘Wait’ setting available in ‘Call Menu Screen’ nodes.
    Waiting for the menu screen to be closed before the event continues is now optional. By default enabled.
  • Battle AI: Use Last Targets
    ‘Use Last Targets’ step available in ‘Base’ nodes.
    Adds the last targets of the user to the found targets list.


  • Status Effects
    Auto effects now only stack once per source, e.g. an auto effect applied from an equipped armor will now only stack once per equipped piece.
  • Status Effects
    Stacked effects not coming from auto effects will now be removed when their time/turns run out even when the same status effect is applied as an auto effect.


  • Status Effects
    Fixed an issue where ‘Auto Remove’ didn’t remove (or prevent applying) status effects that where added from auto effects.
  • GUI: New UI
    Fixed an issue where mixing shadow and outline could result in text flickering.
  • Menu Screens: Ability
    Fixed an issue where learning a new ability through a different menu screen/part didn’t update the ability list.
  • Editor: Abilities
    Fixed the name of the ‘Phase Action Cost’ settings, it was previously also named ‘Turn Action Cost’.
  • Move AIs
    Fixed an issue where combatants joining a battle could shortly be moved by the move AI, although it should be blocked for combatants in battle.
  • Editor: Text Editor
    Fixed an issue where the resource icon selection in the text editor wasn’t displayed.
  • Editor: Inspectors
    Fixed an issue where some settings of the ‘Key Press’ start type of interactions wheren’t displayed correctly.
  • Editor
    Fixed an issue with the test calculation foldouts in formulas.
  • Menu Screens
    Fixed an issue where an error occured when using certain default menu actions (e.g. ‘Crafting List’ in inventory menu parts).
  • Menu Screens
    Fixed an issue where some selections could interupt the ‘One’ and ‘Sequence’ box handling (e.g. equipment part).
  • Menu Screens: Ability, Inventory
    Fixed an issue where removing a reuse block (e.g. after time) didn’t refresh the displayed content.
  • New UI
    Fixed an issue where mixing portrait with not-portrait choices could result in images being removed in different GUI boxes afterwards.
  • New UI
    Fixed an issue where GUI boxes could be displayed with wrong bounds for a frame when opened.