ORK 2.17.1 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

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This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018.

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  • Inventory Settings, Items, Weapons, Armors: Stack Limit
    ‘Stack Limit’ settings available. Optionally limit the quantity of items that can be stored in a single stack. Items exceeding the stack limit will be stored in a new/other stack.
  • Items, Weapons, Armors
    ‘Per Stack’ setting available. Optionally use the ‘Inventory Space’ per item stack instead of per item.
  • Battle Settings: Battle Camera
    ‘Look At Selecting User’ settings available. Optionally have the battle camera look at the combatant that last started selecting an action. This is used for all combatants, unlike ‘Look At Menu User’, which only looks at player controlled combatants. E.g. use this if you’re using AI decision time to look at the combatant before it performs an action.
  • Phase Battles: Player Combatant Selection
    ‘Force AI Combatants’ setting available. Optionally force AI controlled members of the player group to perform their turn before the other combatants. If disabled, AI controlled combatants perform their turn when selected by the player. If the combatant selection isn’t used, the AI controlled combatants will perform their turn in order as all other combatants.
  • Grid Highlights: Line Renderer
    ‘Line Renderer Settings’ available for grid highlights. Optionally use a prefab with a line renderer to create an outline around the highlighted cells. Can be used in addition to prefab and blink highlights.
  • Grid Cell Types
    ‘Line Position Offset’ setting available. Defines the offset a line renderer highlight will have from the cell.
  • Event System: Store Grid Cells
    ‘Use Separate User’ setting available. Optionally use a separate combatant as the user of the used grid shape. Otherwise the origin cell’s combatant will be used.
  • Event System: Grid Cell To Variable
    ‘Grid Cell To Variable’ node available in ‘Battle > Grid’ nodes. Stores a cell’s coordinates in the grid into a Vector 3 game variable.
  • Event System: Grid Cell From Coordinate
    ‘Grid Cell From Coordinate’ node available in ‘Battle > Grid’ nodes. Stores a cell into a found/global objects list based on the cell’s coordinates in the grid.


  • Battle Camera
    ‘Look At Menu User’ will now also look at player combatants that start choosing actions when the battle menu isn’t opened automatically.
  • Research Trees
    Finishing a research item will now update its duration.


  • Event System: Check Status
    Fixed an issue where ‘Store Combatants’ stored combatants with invalid conditions instead of valid conditions.
  • Menu Screens
    Changing the menu user via input keys didn’t play the ‘Change User’ audio clip.
  • Battle Range Templates: Grid Shape
    Fixed an issue where disabling ‘Add Occupied Cells’ resulted in only occupied cells being used for use ranges.
  • Camera Controls, Input Keys
    Fixed an issue where some camera controls using custom input key origins where not recognized when not defining a button function in addition to the axis function.
  • Weapons, Armors: Equipment Abilities
    Fixed an issue where equipping the same equipment twice (on different equipment parts) and removing one of them removed the equipment ability, although it should still be there from the other equipment.