ORK 2.18.0 is here with new features, changes and fixes!

Head to the download page and grab the latest version or buy a copy in the Unity Asset Store!

This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018. Please note that ORK’s update policy changed with this release – you can learn more about it here.

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  • Camera Controls: Top Down Border
    ‘Remember Rotation’, ‘Remember Panning’ and ‘Remember Zoom’ settings available. Optionally remember the current rotation, panning or zoom of the camera between scenes.
  • Camera Controls: Mouse
    ‘Remember Rotation’ and ‘Remember Zoom’ settings available. Optionally remember the current rotation and zoom of the camera between scenes.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Target Range Toggle’ setting available when using ‘Single’ or ‘Group’ target range. Optionally allow the player to toggle between ‘Single’ and ‘Group’ target range during target selection.
  • Abilities: User Changes
    ‘Target Hit Only’ setting available. Optionally only use user changes (including critical changes) if at least 1 target was hit.
  • Abilities: Cast Time
    ‘Own Cast Time’ setting available. Abilities can override the (new) default ability cast time setting (defined in the battle settings). Settings will automatically be udpated to use own cast times if they previously used a cast time.
  • Abilities: Cast Time
    ‘Play Sound’ settings available. Optionally play an audio clip or sound type on the user when starting to cast an ability.
  • Abilities, Items, Weapons, Armors: Variables
    Initializing the variables of a new instance will now allow using the instance itself as selected data with the ‘action’ key. This can be e.g. used in formulas to use other variables for another variable’s calculation (must be set up before the one with the formula calculation).
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Allow Dead User’ setting available. Optionally allow action calculation if the user is dead. E.g. if the user fired a projectile (using a ‘Damage Dealer’ component to do damage), the projectile can still cause damage if the user was killed.
  • Items: Cast Time
    ‘Cast Time’ settings available. Like abilities, items can now use cast times before actually using the item.
  • Battle Settings
    ‘Target Range Key’ setting available. Use this key to toggle between ‘Single’ and ‘Group’ target ranges for abilities/items that allow toggling the target range. Can be used during target selection, e.g. in battle menus or menu screens.
  • Battle Settings: Cast Time
    ‘Cast Time Settings’ available. Optionally use cast times for abilities, items, defend, escape, none and grid move commands.
  • HUDs: Timebar
    ‘Timebar’ HUD type available. Displays a timebar image and places combatant HUDs on the timebar based on their current timebar value. Optionally also includes cast time placement on the bar.
  • HUDs: Combatant: Cast Time
    New text codes available to display the cast action’s description (‘%d’) and icon (‘%i).
  • Event System: Nav Mesh Warp
    ‘Nav Mesh Warp’ node available in ‘Movement > Movement’ nodes. Warps a NavMesh agent to a new position.
  • Event System: Despawn Combatant Spawner
    ‘Despawn Combatant Spawner’ node available in ‘Combatant > Combatant’ nodes. Despawns all combatants of a combatant spawner, i.e. removes them and makes them available for spawning at a later time (no automatic respawn).
  • Event System: Is Casting Item
    ‘Is Casting Item’ node available in ‘Combatant > Inventory’ nodes. Checks if a combatant is currently casting an item.
  • Event System: Get Combatant Gains
    ‘Get Combatant Gains’ node available in ‘Battle > Gains’ nodes. Collects the loot and status value rewards (including experience) from a combatant. The loot/gains can only be collected once per combatant, e.g. use this node if you want to drop a combatant’s loot early in its death event instead of after the event finished.


  • Battle Grids
    Performance improvements on various grid operations, especially calculating move range cells.
  • Formulas, Event System: Change Game Variables
    Formulas and events now pass on the local variables and selected data to variable changes. I.e. you can now use them in formulas used to calculate a variable change.
  • Active Time Battles: Cast Time
    Changes how cast time is handled in ‘Active Time’ battles without dynamic combat. Previously, casting would block other actions from being performed (or start casting). Now, actions can be performed while another combatant is casting an action and casting can start while a combatant performs an action.


  • Dragging
    Fixed an issue that caused an error when using click drag.
  • Level Up
    Fixed an issue where ‘Fully Recover’ didn’t take status value bonuses into account.
  • Active Time Battles
    Fixed an issue where AI controlled combatants didn’t perform actions if the ‘Menu Border’ was below the ‘Action Border’.