ORK 2.17.0 is here with a bunch of new features, changes and fixes!

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This version is available for Unity 5.6Unity 2017 and Unity 2018.

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  • Game Controls: Top Down Border Camera
    ‘Use Axis’ settings available for rotating and zooming the camera. Optionally use a single axis key instead of two separate input keys.
  • Formulas: Status Origin
    ‘Selected’ status origin available. Use a combatant stored in selected data as status origin.
  • Battle AI: Change Move AI
    ‘Change Move AI’ node available in ‘Move AI’ nodes. Changes the move AI of the user.
  • Battle AI: Change Move AI Mode
    ‘Change Move AI Mode’ node available in ‘Move AI’ nodes. Changes the use mode of the user’s move AI.
  • Abilities, Items: Change Class
    ‘Unequip All’ setting available. Unequipping all weapons/armors before a class change is now optional (but recommended). By default enabled.
  • Status Requirements: Action Bar
    ‘Action Bar’ requirement selection available. Checks a combatant’s action bar or used action bar. In turn based and phase battles, the action bar represents the actions per turn. In active time battles, the action bar represents the timebar.
  • Status Requirements: Is Researching
    ‘Is Researching’ requirement selection available. Checks if a combatant is currently researching any research items.
  • Inventory Settings: Space Limit
    ‘Only Leader (Group)’ setting available when using ‘Group’ inventory. Optionally calculate the inventory space using only the leader of the group instead of summing up the value for each group member.
  • Combatant Groups, Battle Components
    ‘Formula’ level and class level initialization available. Optionally use a formula to determine a combatant’s level or class level.
  • Combatant Groups, Battle Components
    ‘Requirements’ settings available for combatants. Optionally use difficulty and variable conditions to determine if a combatant is used or not.
  • Battle Settings: Group/Individual Targets
    ‘Target Requirements’ settings available. Optionally use status requirements and variable conditions to only allow selecting specific targets.
  • Battle Range Templates: Grid Shape
    ‘In User Space’ setting available when using a ‘Mask’ shape type in local space. Optionally use the user of the range instead of the used cell’s combatant for the local space rotation of the shape. E.g. when used in affect ranges, it’ll rotate the shape based on the user’s orientation instead of the targets.
  • Grid Settings: Examine Grid: Combatant Info Box
    ‘Show For Player’, ‘Show For Ally’ and ‘Show For Enemy’ settings available. Showing a combatant info box can now be separated for player, ally and enemy combatants.
  • Grid Highlights: Combatant Cell
    ‘Use Turn Ended Cells’ settings available. Optionally use a different grid highlight for player, ally or enemy combatants that finished their turn.
  • Grid Cell Types: Random Cell Type
    ‘Random Cell Type’ settings available. Optionally set up a grid cell type to use a random cell type out of a defined list of cell types. The random cell type is used when the grid is created in-game.
  • Grid Cell Types
    ‘Random Prefab’ settings available. Optionally add additional prefabs for cells of a cell type, one of the defined prefabs will be used randomly when creating the cell in-game.
  • Grid Cell Types
    ‘Highlight Position Offset’ and ‘Highlight Rotation Offset’ settings available. Adds position and rotation offsets to all highlight prefabs.
  • Grid Cell Types: Deployment
    ‘Preferred Member Index’ setting available. Optionally define the group member index that is preferred for a deployment cell to allow automatic combatant placement to adjust to the member index.
  • Menu Settings: Drag/Drop Settings
    ‘Block Tooltips’ setting available. Optionally block tooltips while dragging something.
  • Menu Settings: Status Preview Settings
    ‘Action Cost’ and ‘Move Cost’ settings available. Optionally preview action costs for abilities, items and other actions. Optionally preview move costs for grid move cell selections. All action cost previews can be enabled separately.
  • Main Menu: Custom
    ‘Keep Open’ setting available for ‘Custom’ main menu options. Optionally keep the main menu opened when using a custom choice.
  • Main Menu, Menu Screens: Options
    ‘Is PlayerPrefs’ setting available for ‘Custom’ options. Optionally store the values in PlayerPrefs instead of game variables.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    ‘Research Item’ HUD element type available. Lists a combatant’s research items. E.g. use this to show all items currently in research.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    ‘Value Origin’ settings available in ‘Actions Per Turn’ and ‘Grid Move Range’ HUD elements. Optionally use preview values for actions per turn or grid move range.
  • HUDs: Combatant, Turn Order, Latest Turn
    ‘No Time Cycle’ setting available for ‘Status Effect’ HUD elements. Optionally ignore the ‘HUD Effect Time’ and display status effects starting with the 1st applied effect.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    ‘Cursor Over Cell’ setting available when using ‘Cursor Over’. Optionally also count the combatant’s cell in grid battles as the cursor being over the combatant.
  • Menu Screens: Combatant
    ‘Allow Drag Sort’ setting available for ‘Battle’ and ‘Group’ combatant scopes. Optionally allow rearringing combatants using drag and drop controls. The changed sorting will be stored and only affects the visual presentation in other menu screens, not the actual group positions.
  • Menu Screens: Group
    ‘Allow Drag Sort’ setting available in ‘Battle Group Box’ and ‘Non-Battle Group Box’ settings. Optionally allow rearringing combatants using drag and drop controls. This will change the actual group positions.
  • Menu Screens: Crafting
    ‘Create Box Mode’ setting available in ‘Create Box Settings’. Defines how the create box is used, ‘None’ doesn’t show details (crafting through recipe box), ‘Use’ shows details and allows using the recipes, ‘Info’ only shows details (no crafting allowed) and ‘HUD’ only shows details (crafting through recipe box).
  • Menu Screens: Research
    ‘Details Box Mode’ setting available in ‘Details Box Settings’. Defines how the details box is used, ‘None’ doesn’t show details (research through research item box), ‘Use’ shows details and allows starting/stopping research, ‘Info’ only shows details (no research allowed) and ‘HUD’ only shows details (research through research item box).
  • Menu Screens: Description
    New text codes available to add content type information (e.g. item type of a selected item). Use ‘%ctn’ for the content type name, ‘%ctd’ for the content type description and ‘%cti’ for the content type icon.
  • Event System: Change Class
    ‘Unequip All’ setting available. Unequipping all weapons/armors before a class change is now optional (but recommended). By default enabled.
  • Event System: Initialize To Level
    ‘Formula’ level and class level initialization available. Optionally use a formula to determine a combatant’s level or class level.
  • Event System: In Camera Transition
    ‘In Camera Transition’ node available in ‘Game Object > Camera’ nodes. Checks if the camera control is currently in transition (between targets).
  • Event System: Show Dialogue
    ‘Not Controlable’ setting available for ‘Message’ type dialogues when not using ‘Wait’. Optionally prevent the player from closing a dialogue when not using the ‘Wait’ option to continue the event while showing the dialogue. The dialogue has to be closed using a ‘Close All Dialogues’ node before the event ends.
  • Music Player
    ‘From Current Time’ setting available. Optionally play music from the currently playing music’s time. This is used per music channel, i.e. you can only play music from the time of the same channel’s current music.


  • Scripting: Interaction Controller
    The ‘InteractionController’ class has been adjusted to have all functions available for overrides.
  • Battle Systems
    Using ‘End Immediately’ without ‘Death Immediately’ will now wait for death events to finish.
  • Menu Screens: Quest
    ‘Add Cancel Button’ is now available without using the activation choice (‘Info Box Settings’). You can now add just a back button without showing a choice to activate/inactivate a quest.
  • Menu Screens: Information
    Changing the menu user no longer resets the page of the information content.
  • Save Games: Attack/Defence Attributes
    Added safeguards to make sure loaded attack/defence attributes match the number of attributes and sub-attributes from the settings. This will make sure that loaded save games will remain compatible when adding or removing sub-attributes.


  • Shop Layouts
    Fixed an issue where using ‘Show Title’ in the list box without showing a type box caused an error.
  • Event System: Add Console Line
    Fixed an issue where actor text codes wheren’t replaced correctly.
  • Battle End
    Fixed an issue where the battle gains text only displayed one of the collected currencies.
  • UI: Game Options
    The value of float and int options now use the correct font settings.
  • Event System: Exit Game
    Fixed an issue where errors occured when using an ‘Exit Game’ node during battles.
  • Grid Battles: Ranges
    Fixed an issue where ‘Range’ grid shapes in hexagonal grids calculated wrong distances when checking target use rangees.
  • Editor: Formulas
    Fixed an issue where test calculating a formula in the editor results in an error when a combatant’s start equipment uses equip events.
  • Main Menu, Menu Screens: Game Options
    Fixed an issue where changing volumes as integers could result in decreasing volumes when opening the options menu.
  • Status Effects
    Fixed an issue where auto applying an effect caused by status changes of another effect could lead to double status changes of that effect when using priorities.
  • Event System: Change Equipment
    Fixed an issue where disabling ‘From Inventory’ and enabling ‘Keep Unequipped’ didn’t store the unequipped equipment in the combatant’s inventory.
  • Grid Battles
    Fixed an issue where a combatant’s conditional prefabs removes the cell-combatant connection upon changing the spawned prefab, halting the battle for that combatant.
  • Dialogues, Audio
    Fixed an issue where dialogue audio clips could change the audio source settings (like pitch) of the main ORK audio player (e.g. for ok/cancel clips).
  • GUI Boxes: Choices
    Fixed an issue where choice buttons where not shown in their proper normal state when opening a GUI box using the new UI.
  • Battles: Target Selection
    Fixed an issue where a target wasn’t selected when using ‘Cursor Over’ target selection with the cursor already over a target when starting the target selection.
  • HUDs: Combatant
    Fixed an issue where individual combatant HUDs could be displayed at the wrong position for a frame when showing them again after being closed (e.g. due to game state conditions or cursor over).