New Bestiary system (including event steps, scan settings for items/abilities and a new menu part), status development upgrades and ability trees can use items/weapons/armors/currency as use costs, and other small new feature, changes and fixes.

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  • Bestiary
    The bestiary is a collection of status information on enemy combatants.
    You can define when to learn which status information (e.g. status values on encountering an enemy, attack attributes on attacking with the individual attributes).
    The ‘Bestiary Settings’ are defined in ‘Game > Game Settings’.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Bestiary (Area)’ menu part available.
    Displays information on bestiary entries using HUD elements.
    The bestiary entries are separated by areas and area types in which they’ve been encountered.
  • Event System: Bestiary Steps
    ‘Add To Bestiary’ step available.
    Adds an entry to the bestiary – uses either an event object’s combatant or a defined combatant.
  • Event System: Bestiary Steps
    ‘Remove From Bestiary’ step available.
    Removes an entry from the bestiary – uses either an event object’s combatant or a defined combatant.
  • Event System: Bestiary Steps
    ‘Check Bestiary’ step available.
    Checks if a combatant’s entry is in the bestiary (complete or partial entry) – uses either an event object’s combatant or a defined combatant.
  • Event System: Bestiary Steps
    ‘Bestiary Dialogue’ step available.
    Displays a dialogue with information on a combatant’s bestiary entry using HUD elements.
    Uses either an event object’s combatant or a defined combatant, if no combatant or bestiary entry was found, the dialogue is skipped.
  • Combatants
    ‘Not Scanable’ setting available.
    The combatant wont add information to the bestiary, only an empty entry without status information will be made.
  • Combatants
    ‘No Bestiary Entry’ setting available.
    The combatant wont add an entry to the bestiary at all.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Scan Target’ setting available.
    The target will be added with a complete entry to the bestiary.
    Only possible if the user is part of the player group and target is an enemy.
  • Save Game Menu
    ‘Save Bestiary’ setting available.
    If enabled, the learned enemy combatant information will be saved.
    By default enabled.
  • Requirements
    ‘Has Bestiary Entry’ setting available.
    At least one bestiary entry must be available for this requirement to be valid.
  • Status Development, Ability Trees
    ‘Cost Type’ setting available for learn costs.
    You can now also use items, weapons, armors and currency as costs for learning abilities or increasing status values.
  • Menu Settings: Use Cost Display
    ‘Item Cost’, ‘Weapon Cost’, ‘Armor Cost’ and ‘Currency Cost’ settings available.
    Also, all use cost settings can now use %i to display icons.
  • Images
    All image settings can now also use alpha masks when using colors instead of images.
  • Value Bars
    ‘Crop Image’ setting available for all Value bars (e.g. for status values) with scale mode ‘Stretch to Fill’ or using alpha masks.
    If enabled, the image will use the whole bar’s bounds for scaling, but crop the parts of the image that exceed the filling (e.g. 50 % filling will only display half of the image).
  • Battle AIs
    ‘Check Target Count’ step available.
    Checks the number of found targets and executes ‘Success’ or ‘Failed’ next step.
  • Add Combatant Component
    ‘Battle Type’ setting available for the ‘Add Combatant’ component.
    Defines the battle type used when a battle is started when entering the combatant’s battle type.
  • Inspectors
    The ‘Combatant’ component inspector now also displays a combatant’s name, level, class and class level.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Accept Next Page’ setting available for ‘Combatant’ and ‘Information’ menu parts.
    The ‘Accept’ input key (and ‘Ok’ button) can optionally be used to change to the next page.
  • Editor
    ‘Create HUD’ button available for combatant page, information page and combatant choice layouts.
    Creates a new HUD from the defined HUD elements of the page/layout and uses the HUD instead.



  • Item Collectors
    ‘Destroy Collected’ setting is now ‘Destroy Collected Object’ and also available for item collectors not using scene ID.
    Warning: This will reset the setting on all item collectors to enabled.



  • GUI Editor
    The WYSIWYG GUI editor is again working correctly with all GUI settings.
  • Event System: Status Steps
    Using ‘Level Up’ to level up the base or class level now also works when no experience status value is set to level up base/class levels.
  • Player Group
    Unspawned members of the player group didn’t get updated properly, leading to equipment changes not adding bonuses, etc.