New Plugin system, improved GUI settings to work better on multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, 2D raycast support, Mecanim trigger parameters, move AI hunting range and lots of other new features, changes and fixes.

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  • Plugins
    The new plugin system allows adding your own settings and functions to ORK Framework without changin ORK’s code.
    The data will be saved with the rest of ORK’s settings.
    Plugins can be added in ‘Editor > Plugins’.
    The full version includes a plugin template project.
  • Event System: Function Steps
    ‘Call Plugin’ step available.
    Calls a plugin’s ‘Call’ function with an information string.
  • Main Menu
    ‘Call Plugin’ settings available for ‘Custom Choice’ menu items.
    Custom choices can now call a plugin instead of a game object’s component.
  • GUI Layers
    ‘Use Full Screen’ setting available.
    The layer ignores the GUI settings in the ‘Game Settings’ and uses ‘Stretch to Fill’ for all GUI boxes on this layer, using the full screen for placement.
  • Game Settings
    ‘GUI Padding’ setting available.
    Adds a padding at the borders of the screen when placing the GUI.
  • Game Settings
    ‘GUI Anchor’ setting available for all GUI scale modes except ‘Stretch to Fill’.
    Select the anchor for the GUI when placing/scaling the GUI (e.g. Upper Left, Middle Center, …).
  • Game Settings
    ‘Raycast Type’ setting available.
    Select the type of raycasts that are used throughout the framework, you can either use ‘Only 3D’, ‘Only 2D’ or mixed ‘First 3D’ and ‘First 2D’.
    3D raycasts will interact with 3D colliders, 2D raycasts with 2D objects.
    By default ‘Only 3D’.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Auto Target’ setting available in ‘Raycast Settings’.
    Used for AI/auto target raycasts – if enabled, a nearby combatant will automatically be targeted by the raycast, otherwise the screen center will be used.
    By default enabled.
  • Battle Spots
    ‘Set Rotation’ and ‘Set Scale’ settings available for the individual battle spots.
    You can now set the rotation and scale of the default battle spots.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Select Unfocused’ setting available for choices.
    Optionally allows selecting a choice on an unfocused GUI box.
  • Animations: Mecanim
    ‘Trigger’ parameter type available for Mecanim animations.
  • Animations: Mecanim
    ‘Duration’ setting available for Mecanim animations.
    Used in game events to set the wait time for animation steps.
  • Event System
    All advanced int, float and Vector3 selection fields now support local, global and object game variable selections.
  • Event System: Base Steps
    ‘Raycast Object’ step available.
    Adds/removes a game object that was hit by a raycast to the ‘Found Objects’ list.
  • Event System: Variable Steps
    ‘Raycast to Variable’ step available.
    Changes a Vector3 game variable using the hit point of a raycast.
  • Event System: Spawn Steps
    The ‘Spawn Prefab’ step can now also spawn prefabs at defind positions (e.g. from game variables) instead of using an event object.
  • Shops
    ‘Block Move AI’ and ‘Block Owner Move AI’ settings available.
    Blocks either the move AI of all combatants or only the move AI of the shop’s game object while the shop is opened.
  • Shop Interactions
    ‘Turn Player to Event’ and ‘Turn Event to Player’ settings available.
    Turns the event object and the player to one another upon opening the shop.
  • Move AIs
    ‘Hunting Range’ settings available.
    A combatant can optionally hunt only within a defined range of it’s start position (i.e. spawn position).
    When hunting outside of the defined range, the combatant will stop hunting and return to the start position.
  • Logs
    ‘Portrait Settings’ available.
    Logs can display portraits in menu screens.
  • Log Texts
    ‘Portrait Settings’ available.
    Log texts can override their log’s portrait.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Show Portrait’ settings available for ‘Log’ menu parts.
    The log choice and info display can show a log’s portrait.
  • Input Keys
    New ‘Input Handling’ type ‘Any’ available.
    Receives input at down, hold and up.
  • Save Game Menu
    The ‘Save Slots’ setting can now also be set to 0.
    Having 0 save slots only allows using AUTO save games and retry.
  • Item Collectors
    ‘Destroy Collected’ setting available for ‘Single’ and ‘Random’ item collectors.
    If enabled, the game object will be destroyed when an item has been collected, otherwise only the item collector component will be removed.
    By default enabled.
  • Item Collectors
    ‘Show Dialogue’ setting available for ‘Single’ and ‘Random’ item collectors.
    If enabled, the item collection dialogue will be displayed, otherwise the item will be collected immediately.
    By default enabled.
  • Item Collectors
    ‘Show Console’ setting available.
    If enabled, the console output for adding items to the inventory will be displayed.
    By default enabled.



  • Item Collectors
    The ‘Show Notification’ setting will now handle showing the item collection notification (inventory notifications) instead of showing the item collection dialogue.
  • Event System: Spawn Steps
    The ‘Destroy Player’ step is now also available in ‘Battle Start’ and ‘Battle End’ events.
  • Animations
    ‘Auto Move Speed Parameters’ for Mecanim animations can now also be used without using the combatant’s ‘Automatic Move Animation’.



  • Damage Dealers, Damage Zones
    The damage dealer/zone components no longer require a ‘Rigidbody’ component, i.e. you can now also use a ‘Rigidbody2D’ component instead.
  • Interactions
    ‘In Trigger’ and ‘While Colliding’ now work correctly without the other one enabled.
  • Game Time
    The game time is now set correctly when starting a game without going through the main menu.
  • Animations
    ‘Mecanim State Checks’ are now used correctly.
  • Screen Fader
    Fading the screen will now fit the screen size in each GUI scale mode.
  • Menu Screens
    Quantity selections called by menu screens with ‘Pause Game’ enabled will now work properly.