New override question dialogue for the auto save slot selection, Unity 5 compatibility and other changes and fixes.

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  • Main Menu
    ‘Override Question’ settings available for the auto save slot selection menu.
    Optionally display a question dialogue if an already used auto save slot should be overridden by a new game.



  • Components
    Getting and adding components now uses type functions instead of string functions.
    This allows Unity 5 compatibility.
  • Components
    The Unity 4 component getters (e.g. rigidbody, collider, etc.) have been replaced with GetComponent calls.
    This allows Unity 5 compatibility.
  • Combatants, Classes
    The experience of class level up status values will be stored when changing class.
    The experience of a class will be restored when changing back to it.
  • Event System
    Spawning prefabs now sets the position and rotation upon instantiating.
    This solves issues with shurikan particles producing a trail when spawned.
  • GUI Boxes
    Clicking on ‘Ok’ or ‘Cancel’ button positioned outside of the GUI box will now be recognized as click on the box.



  • Event System: Inventory Steps
    ‘Add To Item Box’ and ‘Remove From Item Box’ steps wont throw errors in the editor.
  • Main Menu, Save Points, Menu Screens
    The ‘Load’ buttons are now also available if only auto save games exist.
  • Abilities, Items, Event System
    Target raycasts and raycast steps are now work correclty on different resolutions.
  • Combatants, Classes
    Changing classes will now reset the class level up status value to the correct value.
  • Battle Gains
    Collecting an item while an auto close battle gain dialogue is displayed wont lock the item collection dialogue any longer.
  • Item Collectors
    Preventing an error when no item is added to the collectors list.