ORK Framework now officially supports the New UI of Unity® 4.6 – and some other small new features and fixes.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version!

See this how-to on using the new UI with ORK Framework.




  • Unity 4.6
    ORK Framework now supports/requires Unity 4.6 and the new UI.
  • Menu Settings
    ‘GUI System Type’ setting available.
    Select if you want to use the ‘Legacy GUI’ (old GUI system) or the ‘New UI’ of Unity 4.6.
  • Menu Settings
    Settings for the ‘New UI’ GUI system type available.
  • Menu Settings, GUI Boxes: GUI Skins
    New settings available when using the ‘New UI’ gui system type.
    The settings replace the GUI skins used in the ‘Legacy GUI’ system and are used to select prefabs to create the GUI boxes, buttons, etc.
  • Combatants
    ‘Auto Start Battles’ setting available.
    Defines if a combatant will automatically start a battle when coming within a defined range to the player.
    By default enabled.
  • Event System: Base/Function Steps
    The ‘Start Battle’ step can now also start battles with objects who have a combatant.
    Previously, only objects with a ‘Battle’ component attached could be used.
  • Battle Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Set Attacked By’ step available.
    Marks that a combatant has been attacked by another combatant.
    This can influence various other things, e.g. victory gains or faction sympathy changes.



  • Status Effects: End Action
    The end action marked by a status effect to be called by a combatant will no longer check if it can be used due to turn/time.
    The check resulted in the action not being marked if the combatant currently couldn’t perform an action due to turn/time.