New found objects in the event system allow using any kind of game object in the scene, battle events have additional actors, combatants can override the equipment of their class, damage dealers can use battle events for advanced animations and lots of other new features and fixes.

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  • Event System
    ‘Found Objects’ are available in all actor/waypoint/prefab-selections.
    Found objects are game objects in the scene that have been searched (and found) by the new ‘Search Object’ step.
  • Event System: Base Steps
    ‘Search Objects’ step available.
    Searches for game objects in the scene and adds or removes them to the ‘Found Objects’ list, or removes all found objects from the list.
  • Battle Events
    New actors available.
    Use ‘User Group’, ‘Target Groups’, ‘All Allies’, ‘All Enemies’ and ‘All Combatants’ actors for advanced battle events.
  • Battle Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Change Action Targets’ step available.
    A combatant is added or removed as a target of the action, or all targets can be removed.
  • Game Events
    Actors and waypoints have advanced ‘Find Object’ settings.
    You can now search for objects within a defined range.
  • Combatants
    ‘Equipment Settings’ available.
    Combatants can optionally override the equipment settings of their class, making the available equipment parts, weapons and armors independent from the class.
  • Combatants
    ‘Experience Rewards’ now have advanced reward value settings.
    You can use a value, game variables, formulas and other sources for the experience reward value.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Animation Settings’ available in the ‘Damage Dealer Settings’.
    Damage dealers can optionally use battle events to create more complex actions when hitting a damage zone.
  • Damage Zones
    ‘Audio Settings’ available.
    Damage zones can play audio clips or a sound type when receiving damage from a damage dealer.
  • Equipment Viewers
    Advanced material settings available.
    You can optionally use the renderer of a child object and use an indexed material (if the renderer uses multiple materials).
  • Menu Settings
    ‘Mouse Over Selection’ setting available.
    Optionally selects (not accepts) a choice when the mouse cursor is above it (only on the currently focused GUI box).
  • Game Controls: Custom Controls
    The custom control behaviours are now separated from player/camera controls.
    You can select on which object (player or camera) a control is located and with which control they’ll be blocked (player or camera).
  • Placement
    ‘Scale’ settings available for placing/mounting objects (e.g. spawn prefab step, cursor placement, etc.) throughout the entire framework.
  • Quantity Selections
    ‘Hide Buttons’ setting available for quantity selection buttons.
    Optionally hide the buttons, but still allows changing the quantity with the input keys.
  • Quantity Selections
    Advanced text codes available to display inventory money/item changes, details about the currency and the icon of the item.
  • Combatant Component Inspector
    The combatant component’s inspector now displays advanced information on a combatant’s battle data and actions.
  • Menu Screens, Item Boxes: Description Part
    Advanced text codes available and optional custom description text.



  • Value Input
    The value input field name is now multi-lingual.



  • Combatants
    The start equipment’s requirements will now also use bonuses from classes.
  • Shop Layouts
    Buy/sell quantity selections got mixed up when using something other than ‘Default’.
  • Battle Menus
    The target cursor wasn’t removed when clicking on a target to select it.
  • Phase Battles
    Selecting ‘End Phase’ after canceling a combatant’s battle menu didn’t progress to the next phase.
  • Phase Battles
    The combatant selection with ‘Only Available’ enabled and combatants not able to perform an action didn’t progress to the next phase.
  • Active Time Battles
    Doing nothing (i.e. ‘End’ battle menu item) resultet in the battle menu not reappearing when the timbar filled again.
  • GUI Boxes
    Disabling the ‘Use Cancel Button’ setting was ignored.