New Initial Value settings for all formula selections, portraits for abilities, items, currencies, equipment and crafting recipes (to display in menus) and other new features and fixes.

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  • Formulas
    ‘Initial Value’ settings available for formula selections throughout the entire framework.
    The formula will use the initial value as it’s base and start the calculation with that value.
    The start value of the formula will be calculated to the initial value based on the selected operator in the formula’s settings.
  • Abilities, Items, Currencies, Weapons, Armors, Crafting Recipes
    ‘Portrait Settings’ available.
    The portrait can be displayed by menus when the ability, item, currency, weapon, armor or crafting recipe has been selected.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Show Portrait’ setting available in ‘Ability’, ‘Ability Tree’, ‘Crafting’, ‘Equipment’ and ‘Inventory’ menu parts.
    The portrait of a selected item, currency, weapon or armor in the inventory screen can be displayed.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Show Button’ setting available.
    Displaying a button around the content of a choice, tab or ok/cancel button is now optional (by default enabled).
  • Abilities
    Advanced ‘Cast Time’ settings available.
    The cast time of an ability can now also use formulas, game variables and other sources.
  • Abilities
    Advanced ‘Reuse After’ settings available.
    The reuse turns/time of an ability can now also use formulas, game variables and other sources.
  • Shop Layouts
    The ‘List Box’ settings can now optionally use a different layout for the back button.
    Use it when using custom info in the content layout that would otherwise also be displayed on the back button.
  • Game Controls
    Advanced ‘Member Change Keys’ settings available.
    Switching the player is optional for the field, turn based, active time, real time and phase battles.
    Switching the current menu user is available for active time and real time battles only.
  • Interactions
    ‘In Blocked Control’ setting available for ‘Trigger Enter’, ‘Trigger Exit’, ‘Key Press’ and ‘Drop’ interactions.
    The interaction can be started even while the player control is blocked (e.g. during a control blocking battle or event).
  • Main Menu
    The main menu can display a portrait.
    Optionally, every main menu option can display a different portrait.
  • Battle Menus
    Battle menus can display portraits of selected items, abilities, equipment, targets and command targets.
  • Battle Menus
    ‘Use Sub-Menu Boxes’ setting available
    Battle menus can optionally use different GUI Boxes for different sub menus (e.g. ability type menu, item menu, target menu).
  • Battle Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Activate Damage Dealer’ step can now use the ability’s or item’s audio clip and prefab defined in their damage dealer settings.
  • Damage Dealers
    Environmental damage dealers now use the audio/prefab settings defined in the ability’s damage dealer settings.



  • Shop Layouts
    The content layout of the ‘List Box’ settings now displays custom info.
  • Event System: Movement Steps
    ‘Change Position’ step using movement by speed now only faces the move direction if ‘Face Direction’ is enabled.
  • Real Time Battle Areas
    Battle now ends correctly when leaving real time battle areas.
  • Input Keys
    Getting the axis value from input keys set via HUD or code is now correct.
  • Menu Screens
    Spamming the ‘Cancel’ key when having multiple non-single menu screens opened caused problems.
  • Turn Based Battles
    Killing an enemy that had the last action could lead to the battle not continuing.
  • Real Time Battles
    Death of combatants could lead to wait times between actions.