New damage type system to play different damage animations for each ability/item, new individual target system and update to the group target system, equipment viewers can change the material of renderers,  trigger enter/exit interactions can be started by other objects than the player, and lots of other new features and fixes.

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  • GUI Boxes
    You can use different text format settings for the text, info and title of choices.
  • Control Maps
    ‘Need Targets’ setting available.
  • Camera Controls
    ‘Mouse’ camera control zoom by keys received an option to use a single key as axis instead of two separate buttons.
    Use this option for mouse wheels.
  • Finding Objects
    Finding objects in game event actors, navigation markers and custom main menu choices can now search for attached components.
    The found object is the one the component is attached to.
  • Weapons, Armors
    ‘Viewer Material’ setting available.
    Weapons and armors can change the material used by a renderer attached to the same game object as an ‘Equipment Viewer’.
  • Group Targets
    You can now select different group targets for different abilities, ability types, items and item types.
    Settings are made in ‘Battle System > Battle Settings’.
  • Individual Targets
    Set individual targets for a combatant to use abilities and items on.
    Work like group targets. Settings are made in ‘Battle System > Battle Settings’.
  • Combatants
    ‘Attack Individual Target’ setting available.
    Uses an individual target for AI attacks.
  • Combatants
    ‘Run Speed Threshold’ and ‘Sprint Speed Threshold’ settings available in the combatant’s ‘Animation Settings’.
    Use thresholds for a smoother transition between walk/run and run/sprint animations.
  • Battle Menus
    ‘Auto Target Settings’ available.
    Optionally use abilities (also attacks) and items automatically on a group target or individual target.
  • HUDs
    ‘Combatant Origin’ setting available in ‘Combatant’ type HUD elements (except for ‘Shortcut’ elements).
    Select if the displayed information comes from the HUD’s user, a group/individual target or the last target (of an attack, ability or item) of the user.
  • HUDs
    Shortcuts (‘Combatant’ type HUDs’) can optionally target a group/individual target automatically when double clicked.
  • Damage Types
    The new damage types define the animation types used for damage, critical damage and evasion.
    Damage types are assigned to ability/item types and can optionally be assigned to abilities and items as well.
    This allows having different damage/evasion animations for each ability or item.
  • Ability Types, Item Types
    Set the default damage type for all abilities/items of the ability/item type.
  • Abilities, Items
    Abilities and items can override the default damage type of their ability/item type.
  • Move AI
    Advanced status requirements available for hunting and flee conditions.
  • Interactions
    The ‘Trigger Enter’ and ‘Trigger Exit’ start types of interactions can now be started by other game objects than the player.
    If an object can start the event can be checked by name/tag or by checking of added components, or both.
  • Crafting Recipes
    ‘Audio Settings’ available.
    Crafting recipes can play an audio clip when the creation has been successful or failed.
  • Custom Controls
    ‘From Root’ setting available.
    Searching/adding behaviour components will use the root of the game object – use this setting if the object isn’t the real root.
  • Custom Controls
    You can optionally change fields and properties of custom control behaviours.
  • Value Checks
    ‘Not Equal’ check available.
    You can now use the not equal check in all value checks (previously only is equal, less or greater) – e.g. used in status requirements, distance checks, etc.
  • Animations
    ‘Auto Move Speed Parameter’ settings available for Mecanim.
    Optionally set the horizontal and vertical move speed of a combatant to float parameters of the game object’s Mecanim animator.
  • Scene Wizard
    You can now create interaction controllers for 2D and 3D interactions.



  • Status Values
    ‘Consumable’ type status values can now only select ‘Normal’ type status values as maximum status value.
  • Event System
    ‘Show Notification’ step is now available in battle events, battle start events, battle end events and phase battle events.
  • Battle Events
    The ‘Death’ event now uses the combatants who attacked the dying combatant as targets.
  • Animation Types
    The animation types for damage, critical damage and evasion are now defined in ‘Base/Control > Damage Types’.
  • Difficulties
    A combatant’s ‘Experience Rewards’ are now influenced by the difficulty’s faction status multipliers.
  • Status Values
    The percent bonus to combined ‘Normal’ type status values is now added after the final value calculation.
  • Status Effects
    When using formulas for status conditions, the calculation now happens every time, not only once.
  • Status Effects
    The caster of a status effect will now be used as the user for calculations of all changes, not only on cast.



  • Main Menu
    The difficulty menu couldn’t be displayed due to a bug.
  • Input Keys
    Input keys of type ‘Unity Input Manager’ used as axis didn’t receive input when the time scale was set to 0 (e.g. when using ‘Freeze Game’ in menu screens).
  • Menu Screens
    The combatant’s status values didn’t update when the menu screen used ‘Freeze Game’.
  • Menu Screens
    Sub menus of menu screens that paused the game wheren’t displayed and the game locked.
  • Abilities, Items
    Using raycasts for ‘None’ target abilities/items is working now.
  • Event Interactions
    When playing in the editor with an event interaction selected in the inspector, the event could be reloaded, stopping a running event from continuing.
  • Battle Start Events
    The ‘Spawn Combatants’ step will now add player controls when spawning the player (e.g. when the battle takes place in a different scene).
  • Move AI
    Stopping due to external influences (e.g. ‘Stop Movement’ status effect) wont cause loss of the hunted target any longer.
  • Combatant Spawners
    Using combatant spawners with teleport battles (i.e. fighting in a different scene) wont result in the already spawned combatants missing in the battle.
  • Save Games
    Error when loading inventory with money solved.
    Status values will now display the correct value.
    Equipment is now loaded correctly.
  • Compatibility
    The ‘EaseType’ enumeration is now in the ORKFramework namespace and can be used with HOTween.
  • Status Effects
    Having wrong auto apply/remove settings could lead to a stack overflow because a status effect was added and removed at the same time.
  • GUI Editor
    Displaying ‘Combatant’ or ‘Turn Order’ type HUDs in the GUI Editor could crash Unity when having deadlocked auto apply/remove status effects.
  • Shops
    Clicking on the ‘Exit’ button without selecting it first didn’t return the control back to the player.