New Key Combo input keys, images can use alpha mask textures, battle menus allow changing equipment and giving commands to other combatants, rigidbody event steps, scale effects for GUI boxes and other new features and fixes.

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  • Input Keys
    ‘Key Combo’ input type available.
    Use a sequence of other input keys as input (e.g. ‘A+A+B’) as input.
    Define the used input keys and time the player has to press the next button.
    Each combo key can ignore selected other input keys (i.e. they wont cancel a combo).
  • Value Inputs
    Value inputs can now be selected and changed using input keys (i.e. vertical keys for selection, horizontal keys for slider changes, toggle bools and start text editing with accept).
  • Event System: Equipment Steps
    The ‘Check Equipment’ step can now check if an equipment part is generally equipped with a weapon or armor without specifying a specific equipment.
  • Images
    Use alpha mask textures to hide parts of displayed images.
    Used in image event steps, background images, portraits and HUDs.
  • Event System: Rigidbody Steps
    ‘Add Force Rigidbody’ step available. Add a force to 2D and 3D rigidbodies – optionally relative force (3D only).
  • Event System: Rigidbody Steps
    ‘Add Torque Rigidbody’ step available. Add torque to 2D or 3D rigidbodies.
  • Event System: Rigidbody Steps
    ‘Position Force Rigidbody’ step available. Add a force to a position, applying force/torque to 2D and 3D rigidbodies.
  • Event System: Rigidbody Steps
    ‘Explosion Rigidbody’ step available. Adds an explosion effect force to 3D rigidbodies.
  • Event System: Rigidbody Steps
    ‘Stop Rigidbody’ step available. Stops adding force/torque from other event steps to rigidbodies.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Remember Selection’ setting available.
    Remembers the selected menu item when returning to the menu screen.
  • GUI Boxes
    ‘Scale Settings’ available in the ‘Move In’ and ‘Move Out’ settings.
    You can use this to create zoom effects when moving a GUI box in or out.
  • Combatants
    ‘Experience Reward’ settings available.
    You can now define experience rewards the player receives for defeating a combatant, without using the status development settings of the combatant.
    The real status values of the combatant and the exp reward can now be separated.
  • Game Options
    ‘Random Battle Chance’ option available in option menus (main menu and menu screens).
    Changes the chance for random battles happening. Used as percent of the chance defind in ‘Random Battle Areas’ (plus bonuses).
    E.g. 100 % is the default chance, 0 % is no random battles, 200 % is double chance.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Random Battle Factor’ settings available.
    Abilities and items can change the random battle factor for a defined amount of time.
    While the factor is changed by an ability/item, the factor bonuses of player group members are ignored.
    The factor is defined in percent.
  • Control Maps
    You can optionally select the equipment part used for an attack.
    The attack will only be used if a weapon with ‘Override Attack’ is equipped on the selected equipment part.
    Uses the attack of the equipped weapon.
  • Battle Menus
    ‘Equipment’ menu item type available.
    Lists the combatant’s equipment parts and allows changing the equipment (similar to the equipment menu).
  • Battle menus
    ‘Command’ menu item type available.
    Give commands to other members of the group.
    Optionally only for ‘AI Controlled’ combatants.
    The given command will be performed the next time they’re able to choose an action, giving a different command will override the previous one.
  • Status Effects
    ‘Block Equipment Change’ and ‘Block Command’ settings available.
    Status effects can now prevent a combatant from changing equipment and giving commands to other combatants.



  • Battle Menus
    Abilities and items can only be selected if targets are available.
  • Control Maps
    Abilities and items can only be used (and display a target menu) if targets are available.



  • Scene Wizard
    Creating camera positions with the scene wizard will again add them to the data when the ORK Framework editor isn’t already opened.
  • Combatants, Classes
    Class development now uses the correct maximum values for class experience.
    The class experience is based on the status development of the class.
  • Battle System
    Using items/abilities on combatants without doing damage will now also mark them as attacked by the user and allows the player to get battle gains from them.
  • Battle System
    An enemy can’t start a battle (when the player enters the combatant’s battle start range) while a blocking menu is opened.
  • Battle Settings
    Not using the target menu will now prevent the target menu from being displayed.