New Top Down Border camera controls, new Options menu in the main menu and menu screens, absorb damage status effects and other new features and fixes.

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  • Game Controls: Camera Control
    ‘Top Down Border’ camera control available.
    Top down camera following the player until he crosses a border.
    The border is defind in the scene using a ‘Camera Border’ component with a ‘Box Collider’ (the collider defines the border).
  • Scene Wizard
    ‘Camera Border’ can be added to the scene through ‘Create Object’.
    Adds a new game object with a ‘Box Collider’ and a ‘Camera Border’ attached.
  • Event System: Camera Steps
    ‘Camera Control Target’ step available.
    Changes the target of the camera control (i.e. the object the camera will follow).
    Requires the control to be a descendant of ‘BaseCameraControl’ (e.g. all built-in camera controls).
  • Status Effects
    ‘End On Death’ setting available.
    The effect will end when the combatant dies. By default enabled.
  • Status Effects
    ‘Absorb Damage’ settings available in ‘Status Conditions’.
    Optionally absorbs damage dealt to a selected status value by abilities/items (with ‘Use Absorb Effect’ enabled).
  • Status Effect Changes
    ‘Force’ setting available.
    The status effect change will be forced, ignoring the target’s status effect immunities.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Use Effect Absorb’ setting available.
    The user of the ability/item will absorb damage dealt according to applied absorb status effects.
  • Abilities, Items
    ‘Volume’ settings available for playing audio clips on status changes.
  • Game Settings
    ‘Initial Game Variables’ settings available.
    Define game variables that will be automatically set up when starting a game (i.e. before the main menu).
  • Main Menu
    ‘Options’ settings available.
    Add an options button to the main menu to display an options menu.
    You can change the music and sound volume, text speed and custom options (using global game variables).
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Volume’ settings available for the open and close audio clips.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Pause Settings’ available.
    The game can optionally be paused while a menu screen is open.
    Pausing the game can also optionally pause the game time and freeze the game completely.
  • Menu Screens
    ‘Options’ menu part available.
    You can change the music and sound volume, text speed and custom options (using global game variables).
  • Menu Audio
    ‘Value Input’ audio settings available.
    A sound can be played when changing an input value (e.g. options menu, value input dialogues).
    Setting can be found in ‘Menu Settings’ and in GUI boxes which override the default audio settings.
  • Inventory Settings: Item Collection
    A sound can be played when collecting an item.
    The used sound can be either a selected sound type assigned to the player’s combatant, or a selected audio clip.
  • Inventory Settings: Item Box
    Like the item collection, item boxes can now also play an animation and sound when the player interacts with them.



  • Event System: Dialogue Steps
    Choices in ‘Show Dialogue’ steps can be copied and moved.
  • Event System: Inventory Steps
    ‘Add To Inventory’, ‘Remove From Inventory’, ‘Has In Inventory’ and ‘Drop Items’ steps can now use formulas, game variables and other values to set the quantity and chance of items.
  • Game Variables
    The ‘Is Valid’ setting when checking game variables is now by default enabled.
  • Stealing
    Stealing items/money will now remove the stolen item/money the target’s inventory, even if it’s not the player.



  • Shops
    Clicking on a ‘Cancel’ button when not using the buy/sell box and type box caused an error.
  • Node Editor: Event System
    ‘Show Dialogue’ could throw an error when loading an event with a ‘Choice’ type dialogue without any choices.
  • Status Effects
    Spawning prefabs for auto applied effects could sometime be displayed when spawning a combatant and immediately removing the effect.
  • Battle System
    Enemies killed by other NPCs (not part of the player faction) wont give the player experience and loot – only if the player also attached the combatant.