Bugfix update for ORK Framework 2.0.9 – additionally including new battle event steps to use ability and item calculations directly and rearranged combatant settings.

Head to the download page and grab the latest version!




  • Battle Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Use Ability Calculation’ step available.
    Uses an ability (without animation) – the user/target changes will be calculated. The user doesn’t need to know the ability.
  • Battle Events: Battle Steps
    ‘Use Item Calculation’ step available.
    Uses an item (without animation) – the user/target changes will be calculated.
  • Shop Layouts
    ‘Show Portrait’ setting available in the ‘List Box’ settings.
    The portrait of a selected item, weapon or armor in can be displayed.



  • Controls
    Blocking events will now prevent the use of battle related controls (e.g. control maps, group/individual target keys, …).
  • Editor: Combatants
    The combatant’s settings have been rearranged into ‘Base Settings’, ‘Status Settings’, ‘Attacks & Abilities’, ‘Inventory & Equipment’, ‘Battle Settings’ and ‘Animations & Movement’.



  • Custom Controls
    Custom camera controls aren’t blocked by player control anymore.
  • Menu Screens
    The description part now displays the correct content information of an equipped weapon/armor when selecting an equipment part.
  • Phase Battles
    The next phase now starts automatically if no combatant of the current phase can perform an action.